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Diabetes anyone?

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Looks like each month of this pregnancy brings along something new I took the glucose tolerance test and they found out I do have a light case of gestational diabetes...

I have an appointment with a dietician on Wednesday and I will need to go on a special diet to get sugar blood levels under control. Until then, I was wondering what is good and what isn't good for diabetics to eat. I know pure sugar is out - no more cakes, chocolate and ice-cream , but what about fruit? fruit juice? bread, pasta, potatoes and so on?

If I wasn't pregnant, I would stick to vegetables only, but I have the baby to think about and I'm afraid of not eating things that I should be eating. Also, I do have a sweet tooth, so what about diet coke? and those special products for diebitics that have some sort of subtitute sugar (they seem to have the same amount of calories)?

I know I should get proper advice from a professional, I just wonder what I should avoid until I see the dietician on Wednesday...
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If I am right, I believe you can have fruitcose (spelling might be off), which is a sugar substitute.
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I had a touch of gestational diabetes as well 25 yrs ago! OOPS - dating myself.

I would just avoid the obvious sweeets you mentioned until you see the dietician. Some fruits are hugher in natural sugar content than others. My mother suffered from diabetes a long time in her adult life and she used the artifical sweetened products when she could not stand it anymore.

Good luck to you Anne - the dietician will fix you right up!!
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Yes, you'll have to greatly reduce your sugar intake. But sugar substitutes are normally allowed in moderation. And don't worry, normally it disappears as soon as you deliver.
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Anne.... My daughter in law has that and she is able to drink diet colas and so forth. In fact that is about all she drinks. And yes she can and does use a sugar substitute. I keep all those things here at the house for her for when she visits.

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My daughter is pregnant and has had some problems so I have been looking around the internet for info.
A good site is pregnancytoday.com
It had an article on Gestational Diabetes Titled: It's not the end of the world By: Gail Doeff with the regime for the diet she had to go on. Good luck.
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Anne, My sugar level was high a few months ago and my doctor said the most important thing was to drink lots of water. Thats water not tea,coffee,or pop. You can have those just don't substitute them for
the water. Also decrease your amounts of pasta and potatoes as starch turns to sugar in your body. You can have fruit just don't overdue on it. In the USA we have a new product called 'Splenda'. I like it better than the other sweetners. Hope you can get it there and try it. My doctor also told me relax.

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My husband is diabetic as well, and he limits his intake of fresh fruit, pastas, and refined sugars and white flour. I am sorry you keep hitting these rough patches, but as was mentioned, it is NOT the end of the world. Lots of water helps as well. Good luck to you, will be thinking of you and saying a special prayer.
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Thank you everyone!!!

I really appreciate the info and the encouragement! So far I'm sticking to plenty of vegetables and protein and I go easy on the potatoes and pasta. Last night I woke up starving though So I guess I need the dietician's directions and limits. I think the pregnancy is making me extra hungry... what a lousy time for a diet
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