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CJ's Baby

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I would just like to be the first to Wish CJ's baby, Limeny to the Bridge.
RIP little Buddy.

Limeny a bridge candle burns
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RIP Limeny.
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Thank-you, Momof6, I appreciate it. He was two days old, and I'm gonna miss him. I've already grown very attached to him over the months he was in CJ, and the days I had him here. I'm going to miss him! I love him so very much, and I hope he knew me, and that he loved me back.
Good-bye, Limeny, I will always remember you! Forever!
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OMG - I was so praying he would pull through! I'm SO sorry for your loss Cassie, hopefully it will help some to have such wonderful support from TSC.

Welcome to the bridge Liminy -- I hope you get to meet my Mufasa and enjoy the rest of eternity in the warmth of the sun!

Cassie, again, I am so sorry for you. If you need to talk... I'm here!
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ohhhh How sad!! *hugs* RIP Limeny!
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so sorry
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RIP sweet little one...
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i'm so sorry Cassie, i had no idea.

poor limeny.
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Bless you, sweet Limeny!
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Limeny, I pray that you are having a lovely time in Heaven, spending time with other kitties at the RB.

Cassie, because he was so little, the other kitties at the RB will care for him. I'm so sorry.

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This is so sad.
Sweet Limeny...RIP little darling.
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Oh Cassie, I'm sorry to hear about Limeny, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I am sorry that little Limeny did not have a chance to get to know you and all the others that would give him the love and protection he deserved. He is happy and growing free at the Rainbow Bridge.
My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
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I followed a link from the Kitten Care forum. Sorry to hear that one of CJ's babies didn't make it. I know it must be tough but please take good care of the other two.
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Cassie, I am so sorry for you and CJ's loss RIP Limney
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Sorry to hear about Limeny!
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Cassie, I am so sorry to hear that Limeny didn't pull through. It is so very sad. Sending you hugs and headbumps from the gang.
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Thank-you all for your condolences. Though it is very hard for me to let go of him, I am very glad he did pass on so quickly, and didn't suffer. I miss him very much, though he was only with me shortly. I am saddened by the fact that he didn't even get a chance at life, but, at the same time, I'm glad he went early, and didn't get a chance to really know what was happening to him.

I love you very much Limeny, and I will never forget you! In the short time I knew you, I cuddled with you, stroked you, held you, and loved you. You will never be forgotten and you will never be unloved! Please say hi to my puppy, and tell him to take good care of you!

Sending my love,
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Sorry to hear of the baby passing, it is hard when they are so young, but remember him and enjoy the other two. I know this does not replace Limeny but he will be watching over you and waiting for you all.
My thought are with you.
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