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my cat has recently had her kittens without any problems and followed the same pattern as my other queens before her. on the onset of labour a small plug of green muccus is lost and 2-4 hours later the kittens are born. The problem here is that my neighbours cat is also pregnant and due now, her cat had a show of muccus 3 days ago, acted in the same way mine did(crying, restless and wanting attention.) there the similarity ends ! she then after a number of hours settled down and acted normally. the next day it all started again, and duly stopped again ! she sleeps, plays, eats. the kittens are very lively inside her. this has now been going on for 3 days ! she took the cat in as a wild kitten a year ago and though very friendly towards her owner , she will not be picked up or handled so this makes taking her to a vet an impossible task without a huge amount of stress that would be bad for the cat in her condition. any help or advice ?????
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Is there any way to "trick" her into the carrier, like putting her favorite treat inside? Once the kitty is in, close the carrier door.
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Herd the cat into a small bathroom, shut the door, and carefully and gently using a large towel, wrap her up and have the cat carrier in the bathtub standing on end with the door open. Lower the cat into the carrier and get her to the vet. You just want to be calm in the capture and not stress her out more. Keep the carrier covered while you are in route as well as while you are in the vet. It is also helpful if you have some vanilla extract, to put a little bit inside the carrier, right by the door. It helps knock out the smells this cat will get assaulted with.
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