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went shopping sunday look what we got

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maybe i shouldn't take anymore sundays off cause now im broke we went to raining cats and dogs wow! they had everything even for humans but i didnt get anything for myself well kind a i did i got two cute blankets i will post them later there really pretty anyway heres what we got

Kitty bowls three:

and Gabby got got some shades and a new hat and a shirt miss Drama queen

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thats so funny! i love those bowls
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what lucky cats and dog you have, I love to see that other people buy things for their cats as it lets me know that I arnt the only one that spends money on things that I dont really need to. Love the sunnys and tshirt.
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Oh Rhonda i can't believe how the dogs just posing as if to say "How great do i look?!"
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i love the way oscar looks. if i tried dressing up maverick i would be pulling back a stump!
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Allllllll, I love those bowls! They are too cute!!! I have 2 of those bowls for Cody too...Mama's Little Girl and The Cat from Hell. Seemed appropriate at the time since she was a tad evil when I first got her!
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Oh it!!!
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Great shopping trip Rhonda - Gabby looks a picture!
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Those bowls are too cute!!! I love it.
The outfits are too funny.
Thanks so much for sharing those pics. They make me smile!!!
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thanks everyone i had fun it was the first sunday off in a long time we went to church and the flea markets and to raining cats and dogs my husband told me about the place i never knew about it and its right around the corner from me (lol) we also bought a CD for the animals its got lots of music for cats and dogs to listen to I think ive flipped my lid later i will show you the cat and dog blankets and we got and this little orange cone that say waring kitty zone and we put it in front of the litter box
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love the shades
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When you shop...YOU SHOP. I really like the bowls.
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Very funny
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I love it!

Those bowls are great!
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LOL, those pics are great, I love the bowls. Gabby looks beautiful.
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I love those bowls! Super cute pics!
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