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Steamed!! >:(

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I just found out that my sister, who has seven cats, booted out the female cat that is pregnant and the male who got her in that condition.

I just want to smack her! She knew Lucky would get pregnant again especially since she already had a litter of kittens and they ALL died. She also KNEW to get them ALL fixed or she would end up with pregnant cats.

She SAW them mate and didn't do anything to stop them or seperate them. Then boots them out when they are done! WHY would you kick out a pregnant kitty?!

She could have just called the no kill shelter in the next county and taken them both there if she didn't want them anymore. Or kept the girl til she gave birth and taken them all to the no kill shelter. But NO she has to dump them outside in the city for being cats.

I lost ALOT of respect I had for her.
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I understand how you feel.
BTW, what about the rest of her 7 cats? Better rescue them before they suffer the same fate!
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I agree with you there Yayi!.

Thats awful what your sisters done, and i can fully understand how you've lost all respect for her In fact!, i'm not a violent person but if she'd been my sister i honestly don't know if i could stop myself from lashing out at her
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thats so sad. can you rescue the cats?
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Nope. I am in another country and already have three kittens I took in on top of Char.. It breaks my heart! If I was in the states I think I would've smacked her.
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i thought that after i asked. i'm so sorry, you must feel awful

sometimes its hard to believe you and your siblings came out of the same womb
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thats so sad, those poor babies
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ive always wanted a sister to punch up!
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Beat her up. Knock sense into her. And even if you don't knock sense into her you'll do her justice by giving her a butt kicking.

Maybe your sis will get pregnant and get kicked out of HER house? Your sis sounds like my sis... irresponsible pet owners...
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She finally felt guilty when she saw her and saw she had lost weight from not eating ALL week. So she brought them both back in but i still have NO respect for her.
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Poor kitty! Hopefully she won't boot her outside again. Is it possible to talk her into taking the kitty to a no-kill shelter or won't she listen to advice?
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She won't take advice.
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Very strange behavior indeed. Sorry to hear about it.
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