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The military vet said to scrub them with gauze pads with iodine in them to scrub off the yuckies. Then rinse them off with a wet washcloth and put a cream on their skin and give them an oral antibiotic. The kittens hate it and freak out and won't let me hold them at all now after doing this for a week.

The Korean vet said to just put the cream on and gave him the antibiotic he gave me for three days and it really helped him.

I took him to the Korean vet first and the military one later and I have two opinions.

Is it really necessary to scrub them down with the iodine pads or can I just put the cream on and give them the antibiotic the m vet gave me??

I've been washing their bed sheets and switching them out daily and when we scrub them with the iodine, they lose some fur and look terrible. I would rather them not lose their fur completely and not hate me holding them. But I WILL do what is best for them, even if it means furless babies for a while.

ANY opinions?