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For "cruz"

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Goodbye poor "cruz". No name, no home. A victim of abuse. Please pray for the poor kitty and countless like him. He didn't deserve to die that way.

For Cruz~ who died but is now reborn
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How sad. RIP sweet Cruz.
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Poor Cruz, I just said a prayer for him.
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no one and no animal deserves that.. my thought and prayers...
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with or without a name, little 'cruz' is now happy and free, running with others at the Rainbow Bridge. All cruelty gone in the sunshine through his fur.
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Prayers for Cruz, and bless you for letting us know about him. Godspeed, little cat.....
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Play at the bridge sweet Cruz. Someone cared for you, even if you didn't know it. Hugs Yayi.
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Oh no, RIP sweet Cruz.
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This is so sad and unfortunately too common. My prayers go out to Cruz and all abused abandoned animals. It is so uncalled for.
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