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very sleepy!

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Hi all!!
My cat blue has been really sleepy the past two days. he usually sleeps in the afternoon, and from 6 pm till i go to bed he is awake and frisky. the past two days he has been sleeping on and off from noon on. Is this normal? i also noticed he has been sneezing a lot. if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you!!

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your kitty might have an upper respiratory infection. You should probably call your vet in the morning, and book an appointment. If it is serious, he could run a fever, and stop eating! That's what happened to my kitty.
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I agree. I would get your kitty to a vet! Good Luck!
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Its great that you noticed this change of behavior so quickly,I agree it sounds like an IRS and needs to be seen asap
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How old is blue? Is he eating the same still?
My jessie developed allergies later in her life. She began sneezing and sleeping alot. My vet gave her depo injections every six months and that made a big difference.
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