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I have a 10 month old cat. she pee's on any clothes on the ground and certain rugs. She uses the litter box and she just poops in it she wont pee. I have 3 other cats and she is the last one that i got. she is fix and doesnt have a UTI. she only pee's outside my mom's bedroom door in the closet and outside the bathroom door and on clothes and rugs. I don't know how to get her to stop. She use to pee in the litter box when she was a kitten but now she stopped. Im so confused! any suggestions?
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we have so many posts about this issue, some underway right now- You can find a stickied thread in this forum that addresses this behavior- there are a thousand questions I could ask, but first off has this kitty been to the vet within the past two weeks? If not, she needs to go so that you can rule out a health issue-

Our cat behaviorist had to address this question this month- if you click on her column on the front page

Wendy's column You will see her address it if you read the whole thing
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yea i have been to the vet. I was there last week so i know it isn't a health issue
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Is she peeing on the bathroom rugs? Cats are often attracted to the rubber backing for some reason. They are also attracted to bleach, so freshly bleached clothes are often peed on. If those are things she tends to pee on, I would put the bathroom rugs up (over the side of the tub or shower curtain) and put the clothes in a drawer out of her reach. Make sure you clean the areas where she peed with an enzyme cleaner designed for cat urine, like Nature's Miracle. Otherwise, she'll be attracted back there by the smell.

What sort of tests did your vet run? Most UTIs aren't true infections, especially in young cats. Did they do a urinalysis to rule out crystals and to check for blood?

Is it possible that your kitty was frightened or attacked while using the litter box? A household with four cats should ideally have five litterboxes. If there is only one, I would definitely add more in quiet areas away from appliances and household traffic. You might also try a different litter in one of the boxes. There are some cat litters designed to attract cats back to the litter box, like CatAttract. I haven't tried it personally, but it might be worth it. If you are using a covered litter box, you could try uncovering it.

Hopefully, some of this will work for you. Good luck.
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