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What's your favorite magazine?

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I don't think we've had a thread like this recently, if at all. I was just wondering what magazines you all buy, how often you buy them (rarely, occasionally, all the time, subscriber), etc. I was going to create a poll but that'd be way too many choices!

Me personally, I've just fallen in love with a magazine called Real Simple. It has great tips, helpful information and it's not just fluff - I've decided that when I move in 2 weeks, I'm subscribing to it.

I usually buy Glamour and Cosmopolitan, but I try not to because I think it can be silly at times.

Who's next?
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Caribbean Travel and Life , Islands and Garden Gate magazines. Have subscriptions to all three
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I get Sunset, which is my favorite, it's about Western living and travel, great food tips etc. I also get The New Yorker and Newsweek.
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I've subscribed to Cat Fancy for years...Dex & Sadie like the center fold.
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When I do buy magazines/journals (more of a book reader), I pick up one of these... Utne, Psychology Today, Ms., Cat Fancy, Scoot Quarterly, Oprah, National Geographic or Readers Digest.

Depends on my mood, and what I feel like putting in my brain at that moment in time.

For the first time in ages, I did pick up one trashy magazine recently simply because there were shirtless photos of Matthew McConaughey inside (thanks to my Aries rising! )
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I subscribe to Reader's Digest and Newsweek. People gives me my trashy reading fix.
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Oh my mother used to get Reader's Digest and I used to love reading them. Maybe I should add that to my subscription wish-list.
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I have subscriptions to Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

Occasionally I will pickup another that looks interesting at the grocery check out.
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I like Cosmopolitan if I'm in the mood for some silliness, I like Shape if I need to be motivated to get off my butt and excersize, I like the true stories in Reader's Digest, I guess it just depends on my mood!
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Catnip for Tufts University, Horse Illustrated and Equus
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Originally Posted by hissy
Catnip for Tufts University, Horse Illustrated and Equus

I get Catnip too MA... I like it very informative. I also get CatFancy whenever I could find it ... Usually there are no more copies left over.
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I no longer subscribe to any magazines, as I often just let them stack up without reading them. When I want to read a magazine now, I just pull out a copy of one of the quilting magazines I've saved over the years. The quilts are just as good now as they were five years ago.
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I don't subscribe to any magazines, but regularly buy City Life (about what's happening in Manchester Music, Art, Performance etc) I also like to read - but don't often buy - Flux, Sleazenation, Dazed and Confused. (quite contemporary magazines regarding the art/music.... world)

I'd love to buy them more often, but because they are glossy and some only available from the galleries, they are a little out of budget!
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I subscribe to Cosmopolitan, and I usually buy WISH every month
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Women's Day
Country Weekly
Family Circle
I want to get Cat Fancy but the store here is always out.
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Hello and OK magazines
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I haven't bought a magazine in AGES!! But I used to buy Cosmo, Glamour, Shape or Self magazine.

Ari - I checked out 'Real Simple' when I was in Borders the other week and it look really cool!!! I should've bought the issue I saw, but I didn't. Maybe next time.
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I forgot that I also subscribe to Conde Nast Traveler and Southern Living. So, five subscriptions. No wonder I don't have time to read them
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I have Readers Digest on subscription and I also buy the occasional scrapbook magazine.Depending on what they advertise on the cover, I buy Better Homes and Gardens. As for New Idea, Who and ones like it, I read them when I stand in line at the super market as some times it takes ages to get through the checkout.
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Are you ready:

This Old House
Martha Stewert Living
The Garden by the Royal Horticulture Society
The American Gardener by the American Horticultural Society
Horticulture-I just let lapse- I'll read at library
Garden's Gate- I left lapse as after 5 yrs it was beginning to repeat topics
The English Gardener
County Living

At the bookstore I'll pick up
BBC Gardeners World
BBC Gardener-easy answers (?)
Another English garden magazine -the name escapes me
Fine Gardening

Depending on topic:
Fine Woodkworking and Fine Homebuilding
Orpah's quarterly home magazines
Any magazines that pertains to a hobby I might be working on

At the library:
Bon Appetite
Cuchina Italia
Vanity Fair
Anything else that sounds interesting
In line at the grocery store I'll peruse-People, Instyle

Enought said.
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When we lived in australia my mother bought Take 5 and womans day every week.
SHe collected them all and i had alot of fun reading them when i had nothing to do here in germany!
here as if i would buy any american magazines, i bought one at the airport i think cosmopolitan or something it costed me 16 euros and it was just full of advertisement...
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i read cosmopolitan
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No subscriptions, but I regulary get Readers Digest!
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I like Real Simple too, but I don't subscribe anymore--when I moved into my last apartment, a friend got me a subscription as a housewarming gift and I ended up with this huge stack of magazines, because I was always "planning" to make the recipes in them. Once in a while I still buy it though.

We get more magazines than we can reasonably read. We subscribe to New York Magazine for the fluff and the restaurant reviews and event listings. We get the Nation for our left wing political fix. Atlantic Monthly to attempt to feel smart. I get Poetry Magazine and Poets & Writers, and my fiance gets Art Forum and Art in America. Plus I automatically get an assortment of legal publications (which I pretty much never even open) because of my membership in various professional associations, and I automatically get Runners Magazine because of my membership in the New York Road Runners Club.
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I love magazine subsriptions, and read them daily, that's in addition to all the internet articles and this forum that i cram into my day -- besides! LOL work and TV (which I LOVE).

here's my list:
- entertainment weekly (for movies and tv, during the summer i go to see almost every new movie on fridays)
- enquirer (for gossip) - i think of switching to 'sun', still not sure
- consumer reports (for reviews)
- car and driver

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National Geographic.
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Fitness (Womens) its great!!! They have some super yummy recipes in it as well as some great exercises
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I subscribe to TIME, Cat Fancy, and "Geliebte Katze" (more or less a German version of Cat Fancy). I often buy or borrow "Spiegel" or "Focus" (German news magazines), "PC Praxis" (neat software), and "The Economist".
A U.S. subscription to Cat Fancy is currently $14.99, if anybody's interested:
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Stefanie's post reminded me of a few more I pick up on occassion in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier. Art Forum, Adbusters and The Atlantic.
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