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yet another inappropriate peeing quandary

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Our 7 1/2 year old male neutered tabby began peeing on our dog's bed about a month ago. The dog has been part of the household since Mr. B (the tabby) joined us 6 1/2 years ago. The dog is totally non-aggressive, her attitude seems to be "ignore the cats and pretend they're not there", although she will allow them to curl up and sleep next to her. I haven't observed any negative interaction betw. Mr. B and the dog --- sometimes Mr. B will rub against the dog when she's lying down.

I have read through all of the threads on urination looking for a clue to Mr. B's behavior. He is the 2nd-oldest cat in a household of 4 other felines (+ the dog). He is most attached to the 3rd-oldest, they sometimes play and sleep together. He pretty much ignores the 2 youngest and the oldest one. He is probably the mellowest cat I've ever encountered (enjoys car rides, likes to ride on my shoulders when we walk the dog, has been on an airplane several times but unlike the other cats *loves* the cat carrier, will come up and stretch up along my leg to be picked up and rubbed) and very very loving. Sleeps with us at night and plops on our laps when we sit down.

This behavior just started out of the blue and it's obviously directed at the dog --- started on one of her beds (when she's not on it) occasionally. We cleaned it again and again but finally had to throw it out. Then Mr. B moved to her other bed (we now pick up the beds when the dog's not using it). Over the wknd he moved to the couch (where the dog occasionally lays). We've now removed the cushions and layed tin foil on the couch and are waiting to see with trepidation what his next target is (the bed?).

We've tried to pay more attention to him, I've added a couple scheduled play times per day, haven't disciplined him as we know it doesn't work with cats. We've got the recommended number of cat boxes on all floors of the house. Mr B used to be an outdoor cat and we've allowed him back outdoors (our garden is completely enclosed by a very high concrete wall) a few hours a day in the hopes it might increase his activity level (he's gotten pretty lazy and put on a bit of weight in the last couple years) and generally serve as distraction. He really seems to enjoy it ... but the peeing/spraying continues.

This is all complicated by the fact that we live in Vietnam -- vet care here is rudimentary at best, behavior modification medications are simply not available, and there are no animal behaviorists to consult! We're awaiting a shipment of Feliway to clear customs but that could take another couple weeks. We love love *love* Mr. B and would never consider finding another home for him but I have to admit I'm tearing my hair out at this point. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!
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Throw the dog bed out. I don't know what the attraction is, but every dog bed that I have had, my cats will pee all over it. I have no idea why. The love this dog, she practically raised them. I somehow suspect it is the contents of said beds that are the reason behind it.

Perhaps this link can help you out as well?

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Thank you. The bed's history. But why the couch now? And why pee on the bed all of a sudden after 6 1/2 years of ignoring on it (or even sleeping on it, sometimes).
<sigh>If only they could talk.
Appreciate the reply!
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