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preg cat?

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hey umm i'm not sure how far along my cat is? i know she's preg. she hooked up w/ three cats i just forgot to write down when i see her with them? she's getting really chunky now and she's making that umff noise like my other cat did a couple weeks before she had kittens. i've got a box for her to have the kittens in and it's not my first time having kittens. i just forgot how many months it takes for em to have em. i felt the kitten playing with me in her tummy tonight though!!
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Is there a specific reason you allowed your female to indiscrimantly "hook up" with 3 males? If your cat isn't a pedigreed breeding cat, then the only responsible thing to do is to spay her. I trust you will be having that done as soon as possible.

That now being said, the gestation period for a cat is 63 to 65 days. If you are feeling movement in utero, then it shouldn't be too much longer.

Again, please have this girl spayed.
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well umm i'm sorry i just take in the stray cats around here. i dont have the money to get every god forbidden cat fixed that i find. i dont see anyother ppl gettin fussed at cause thier cats arent fixed?
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I guess it was just the way you put it ... I am sorry - didn't mean to sound "fussy" with you. I do try to make this Forum a safe place to come for help with pregnant cats without getting a lot of grief from people about spaying ... and it appears that I broke my own rule. I hope you will forgive me.

To answer your original question, it sounds like she is probably anywhere from 6 weeks on in the pregnancy. If you are feeling movement then she is a least that if not maybe further along.

Hope this helps,

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You can expect to spend $10000 on a single cat over the course of its lifetime. Hope you are budgeting accordingly!
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thats fine and your not the first person on her to say that. i posted on the cj and billy thread and had asked the one person bout the genetics and got a bit of crap for it. but i do understand where everybody is coming from. it defintily wasnt an inteded preg. i was just gunna take her to the vet when i found out she was so there wasnt much i can do bout it.i just dunno why everybody gives me all the crap about anything i write in all the fourom i go to. (i guess everybody just loves to pick at me)
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what colors are she most likely to have??
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