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I Can't Take It Anymore!  

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Okay, I just don't know what to think. I just had Opie in the vet's and spent a fortune (not that I mind, I'd do it again if I had it), but now, my little ones are sick! I don't have the money to take them tonite. My little Cary is so sick he's breathing with his mouth open. Thank God he's still eating and drinking, but nevertheless, still sick. Cash is not as bad...YET! As for Murhphy he's been carrying this thing on and off...but mostly off up until now AGAIN! Does this thing..cold...whatever it is go away. I took it to the Health Forum, but I don't know if anyone's on. I haven't heard. I would just like a couple of responses. Has anyone had a kitty that's been sick like this? I heard this cold is bad, not enough to really hurt them, but it doesn't look good, especially when he's on his side breathing with his mouth open! POOR BABY's breaking my heart in a million peices and I feel so friggen guilty. Could this go into pnuemonia? I thought Murph's cold had passed. They obviously got it from him, but then again, I don't know, they were abandoned outside kittens.
If anyone's on the site that has some experience at this, can you reply please. Thanks alot.
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If you can, then see if they carry GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) it comes in liquid or pills. Get the liquid, give the little ones about 1/2 mil of liquid twice a day. It is an Nutri-Biotic and will kill all harmful bacteria in the blood without harming the body. I use it alot on my animals, and it has never failed me yet. I just finished off some of it with one of my ferals who was darn close to pneumonia. The little bottle will cost you $8.95 and is sometimes called "A Traveler's Friend." You can also order GSE over the Internet. Good luck
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Thank you Hissy

I'm going to go to Walgreen's as it's late here and nothing's open. Sandie replied also and told me to keep a good eye on him, which I will...I've given him 1/4 tab of Amoxycillan but, she said that's probably not enough. I'll go to the store and pray to God they carry that. Do you think this will help him until I can at least get to the vets tomorrow? I'll keep you posted...
Thanks again!
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It will help, but I doubt that Walgreens would have it. But you can try. It is the same thing that travelers take with them to foreign countries and put in their water glass so they don't get any weird diseases. It is concentrated, and I just took a look at your pics again and I would only give them 1/4 mil twice a day. A little bit of this stuff does go a long way. If you were closer, I would just give you the bottle I have sitting on my counter right now.

Here is a website, and again you can rush order it, most of these places are open 24 hrs a day that do mass shipping over the InternetGSE
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Okay, right now, I'm watching him attack the'm so upset. I just don't know what I would do if something were to happen.

I called Walgreen's and they only have Grape Seed Extract. The pharmacist said that they didn't carry the other. I wish you lived closer too... I wish you could just hold him...I know you'd know what to do.

I'll keep you posted He's so precious.
Now he's biting my bellybutton ring...with his snotty little nose all over my belly!

Bless him.

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I bet he is mistaken, call him back and ask him if it is called GSE bet it is the same thing, people just leave off the fruit for some reason. You will know when you go there because it will say grapefruit and not grape seed
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He told me it was the Grape Seed Extract...bummer He also told me that the Grape Seed Extract was more of a preventative, but he felt like it really was just an ordinary herb that some people believed worked for them...He said that the GrapeFruit Seed Extract is something that he isn't aware of but he did look for it without any success.

Well, Hissy, I won't bother you tonite any longer. I'm sure you need your rest too. I see them playing and I can only pray that he's going to be okay for me by the morning. I will have to beg my vet to take him without any money...I feel so horrible, but I just gave the man my last 2k. That's with part of it on my credit cards.

We'll get through this. Something always gives. Faith...I keep telling myself over and over. Ya know?

Thanks for your time hon.

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I know it's late and I don't know how late things stay open in your area, but Whole Foods carries that stuff. I've been to them in MA, CA and TX, so I bet there's one somewhere in your state, don't know if it's handy, and they've been open until 11 or midnight. Just a thought.

Or did Walgreen's have it?
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Hi Sunlion,

No, we don't have that chain of stores here unfortunately. I tried Walgreen's but no luck there eihter

Well, I'll just have to see what the morning brings I guess. I did also talk with Sandie on the Health Forums and she told me that as long as he was drinking that I should be in the clear for tomorrow. We'll see, like I said, he's playing and he's happy right now...I just pray he'll be okay! Thanks for your post hon!
post #10 of 25 very sorry your babies are sick. Will say a prayer for them tonight and hopefully the doc will make them better tomorrow. Good luck

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Morning Cat - jsut saw this and am hoping that today will bring you good news about your babes health.
Hugs and kitty kisses to them - and you!
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I,m so sorry Cat, I'll hope and pray that your babies will be alright, thinking of you!

love Jackie
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Any better now, Cat?? You're in my thoughts, I hope the kitty is feeling better.
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What's the news woman? Everyone alright down there ?
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I am so sorry to hear that Cary is sick!!! I don't have alot, but I would like to help you out, please let me know if you need some I said, it isn't alot, but I want to help.
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OMG! I could've sworn I replied to these posts and I'm sorry that you had to wait on me! I can't believe this.

Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support! Debby, that is so kind and generous...BUT...You'll be so happy to hear this!!!

My vet knows how difficult it was financially so there's an organization that his tech contacted and they will pay for all of my babies that need to be seen now! So, I am sooo blessed and I can't thank you all enough for all of your prayers that were sent Opie's way! Obviously there were some miracles left over from your prayers and blessed the babies with them!!!! :laughing2...that's all I can think could've possibly happened.

Gosh! I know I answered to this Thread, but I must've got booted or something, I don't remember, cause I just woke up cause I myself have been ill with some kind of telling! So, I'm going to make sure this is posted!!! :laughing2

Love Always,

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11:00 am couldn't come fast enough and actally I called my vet to see if I could bring Cary in earlier because he took such a turn for the worse. I was beside myself and stayed up with him all nite...Something I'm sure 99.9% all of us have experienced.

Well, he's definitely got one helluva cold, but the doc said that it didn't go to his lungs...that was my biggest worry. Last nite was the first time I've ever heard a cat or kitten actually snore and I mean LOUD. Poor thing.

The Animal Birth Control Organization was very generous and paid for Cash & Cary and he sent enough meds home for Murphy and Opie just in case..

Right now their both sleeping like the little angels that they are, but I can still hear that poor clogged up sinus's of Cary's. If you get a chance can you say another prayer...they've really been working for all my boys...

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Cat - I am so very thankful that you got meds and tx for all! How scary for you and what a good wonderful kitty mom you are! More kitty prayers coming you way - hubby remembered the kitts at supper tonight in our prayer
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I am glad you got to the vet and got them on some good medicine. Poor babies, you always hate to see them sick. I hope they are feeling better very soon!!
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Cat, I am really glad to hear that your babies are doing so much better, and that you have found a way to pay for their treatment!!!
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Cat, I am so sorry, I have been away from the board and am only reading this now....

I am so sorry your kitties have been so sick. Thank God you got a way to pay for them and the meds they need. You are a WONDERFUL kittymom, and I pray they recover completely and soon.

With a mom like you, how could they not?
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So glad all your babys are doing better!!!! Have a nice T-day!!

Love, Meme
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Sorry to hear about your kittens, I've been fighting with this problem for a while with my two smaller kittens and I can understand your frustration. Seems like what we call a "cold" can be much more serious for cats, my Violetta got bronchitis and then she passed it to little Lucia, I had to give them shots of antibiotics and corticosteroids for a week, a mostly unpleasant experience for all of us! And they live indoor in a warm house! Unfortunately my babies seem prone to get this kind of illness. I don't know how she did it, but my third cat didn't get it, I was so worried!! Lucia already had this "cold", together with conjunctivitis, a couple of months ago. Now when I see wet eyes or hear them sneezing I get so nervous!!! Anyway they seem okay now, and maybe the experience has somehow given them some more anticorps for the future.
Let us know when your babies recover.
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Cat, I,m so pleased that your boys are getting better, its been such a worrying time for you lately. Sending prayers and wishes your way

sinophilia,I hope your kittens keep doing well, its a big worry when our cats become poorly.
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[color=sky blue]
Helly Everyone :angel2: :daisy: You guys are sooooo wonderful. I didn't have a chance to come online last nite. I was a little tired from no sleep :laughing2:laughing2 but, then again, I have to wake up all the time cause sharing a room with all of them is basically being a nurse all nite. Which I'm glad that I can be here to do this!

They're all on Amoxycilan, Prednisone and eye ointment. Not to metnion, Opie's recovering from his operation and taking Clavimox, Prednisone and Cephalexin. Cary seems much better today already. Both eyes had that same thing Sinophelia. Aarrgh! What a mess. That "cold" should be called the "Devil's Cold"'s awful and I can't even imagine the suffering those kittens go through; miserable with there eyes running

Debra, Lortetta, Debby, Jackie, Anne, Sandie, Hissy, Dtolle, Meme, VJoy, Sinophelia, Rhea, (I'd have to name all the members here!) and to all that prayed for my boys, may all the prayer and goodness be yours ten fold.

Sinophelia, I pray that Violetta and Lucia recover completely from this nasty illness.

Thanks for the compliments but, I can't think of a better group of Mommy's anywhere!

PS Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I have so much to be thankful for this year; that's for sure. All my recovering boys, with thier Guardian Angel[/color]
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