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Kittens In Heat, Possible?

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Is it possible. I have two kittens the boy is 7 months and the girl is 5 months, the girl is spreading her butt in the air and the boy leans on top. I've seen my moms cat in heat, but after shes a year old now. Can she get pregnant? Also when is it too late to spade amd nuter. Whats wrong with my kittens. HELP!
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Cats can go into heat as early as 4 months old. Males tend to know what they are doing anywhere from 5 months to a year. If I were you, I would seperate them asap and get one of them fixed right away. It is NEVER to late to get a cat spayed or neutered.
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Thank you so much, but I have no idea how i'm going to seperate them I'm at work all day and they hate being locked up in a room. Thanks so much do you if she can get pregnant by any chance.
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If she really does go into heat, then yes she can get pregnant. I have seen cats pregnant as early as 6 months. It ends up being very sad because they are most of the time too young to take care of thier kittens. They also have trouble with delivery and end up needing a cesarian section. She would probably be much more miserable young and pregnant than in a seperate room for ahwile.
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Thanks again. You think if I take her to the vet they will fix her even though shes in heat or that doesnt make a difference.
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My Vet will spay a female in heat, but he charges a bit more money as it complicates the process a little. Just to add, I once took in a stray who was very young and pregnant. She ended up miscarrying her babies because she was so small.
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I dropped my kitten off at the vet this morning. At around 2pm, i called and was told that the procedure had went ok. She was in heat, so they made sure to tell me that they will be charging me more for the procedure. They also said that because she was in heat, and the organs were enlarged, they had to make a slightly larger incision, so it will take a bit longer to heal.

At around 6ish tonight, my girlfriend went over to the vet to check up on her. She said that when they brought her out to the room, she was screaming and hissing a lot. She has never hissed before, and generally speaking, she is always in a very good mood.

Someone please tell me that she will be ok, and that she is only acting like that because of the spay and she will get over it. I'd never forgive myself if i did something that would cause long-term damage. She is just the sweetest kitten you could possibly ever have. I feel awful.

On a side note, we really do not like our vet. They always seem more concerened with getting paid than actually caring about the animals. Anyone got any recommendations in the bay ridge/fort hamilton area of brooklyn?
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I am so glad she got spayed before an accident happened. I would not worry much about the personality change. She will probably become even more affectionate once she is home and feeling better. She was proabably hissing and growling because of her surroundings and smells. She was probably in a little pain and very grouchy as well. Spaying and neutering cats and dogs really does make them healthier and happier. I am not from the area, so I am not much help on that end, but hopefully someone knows of a better clinic for you to use. Vet experiences should be a pleasant thing for them. I wish her a speedy recovery
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I recently had my young female, Alley, spade. It took her about 3 days to get back to normal as far as personality. It wasn't to great to start with and hasn't gotten much better! The first night and day, she slept most of the time getting up to go to the litter box, to eat and drink. The second day she started playing a little bit, but hissed and growled at Mac (my male cat) and also at me. Just leave her alone and she'll be fine.

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Thanks everyone for the advise and support!

She's home now, sleeping mostly. She hasnt eaten much in the last couple days, but i guess that is to be expected. I just hope she gets an appetite tomorrow. She didnt even respond when i offered her a can of tuna!

Farina, our other cat, is acting like he doesn't know who Cheba is. Maybe its that funny looking hat she is wearing that is throwing him off. He is hissing and growling at her, just like he did when we first brought her home.
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Glad to hear your little girl-kitty is home and seems mostly comfortable now! That's good news.

But now that she is home and recovering, don't forget to get your little boy-kitty neutered as well.

My continued best to you and yours,

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