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not sure where to put this- providing for cats after your death?

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sorry- i know it's not a cheery issue. i have some health problems that concern me; although i'm only 36, it's possible i could die prematurely due to these problems.

anyway, i wrote up detailed instructions as to the care of the cats, and whoever takes them gets a large portion of my will after i'm gone. i had written it so my cousin gets them, but now i really don't think she would take good care of them.

any ideas? i thought maybe i could just specify that the administrator find a home for them, but i was wondering if anyone has any other ideas.

feel free to move this if it doesn't belong here.

btw- cats are 3 and 4 years old.
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its nice you put some thought into it. i've seen so many free ads for cats who's owners have died and the relatives dont want them. always makes me sad

maybe ask your local animal shelter for advice? we have a no-kill shelter which deals mainly with cats and is run by cat lovers. if it were me i'd leave a large sum to them on condition my cats were adopted by a memmber or permenently fostered.

i've already asked my bf to take the cats if anything happened to me. though he might have to fight my family for them!
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I have the same concerns, just not sure who should get the kids if hubby and I were to pass. I have 11 birds and 4 cats.

I have this catsite thread bookmarked, hope it can help.

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Also this was a recent article submitted here

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The most cat-loving and cat-responsible friend I have (and I would not describe her as my closest friend, though we have known each other for 30 years and like each other) and I have an arrangement in our wills - we have left each other a certain amount of money and have promised to look after each other's cats in the event of anything happening. Since she is ten years older than me, I expect I will be required to act, but you never know what life has in store. If that occurs, I will have to find someone else, but I have peace of mind at the moment.
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I have a clause in my will that my cats will go to someone who has already agreed to take them. Also I have a Cat Account (I use that now, and strongly suggest that everyone does have one, you never know what may come up) set up with money that is to be used only towards the cats vet bills and food, ect. If something should happen to me, no one can access that account without the vets statement and exact amount owing. That I have set up with the bank.

When the cats go, whatever is left in the cat account will be donated to a specified animal charity
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we all are thinking about it. My benifituary is my local humane soc. as stated in my will. I am not rich but they did get me my binky. She sat in a cage for 3 month before i took her home. I will allways be greatfull they dident put her down before i got to her.
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