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infected cut!

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Emo has an infected cut, is there anything I can do to help keep it clean, so that it heals quickly? Should I take her to the vet? The cut is a little red, and there was a very small amount of pus this morning. Thanks for the help!
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Yes I would take her, you never know what it can turn into. Better be safe then sorry!
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I'd take her to the vet, she may need a antibiotic.
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The vet will probably advise you to put warm compresses on the area, and possibly flush it with saline solution or warm water. Depending on the depth of the cut and the reaction your cat has to antibiotics, the vet may prescribe some. If you can't get her in today, I would take a warm, wet wash cloth and hold it over the area.
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It sounds like it needs to be opened and drained. The cat will undobtedly need antibiotics. If you put your hand over the area without touching the wound or the hair on the cat and you feel heat rising up to meet your hand, get your cat to the vet quickly. Abscesses are nasty and hard to treat on your own unless you know what you are doing.
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Keep it clean with saline and a dilute antiseptic like betadine, but take her to the vet - if it heals with infection inside it will turn into an abscess and htat will be much worse.
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