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Kitten making funny noises

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my cat had kittens on the 3rd april so they are exactly a week old. the little black n white girl has been kind of gasping, not really sure how to describe it. its kind of like a panting/gasping sound, she has her mouth open when she does it. she seems perfectly healthy otherwise. everything in line with the kitten calendar. shes feeding from mummy like a goodun, a right little piglet! there is only the 2 kittens. the other one seems fine no funny noises etc.
funny thing is her mum doesnt really make a "meow" noise she (like her mother aswell) just opens her mouth and thats it no noise! molly (the kittens "granny") did it from when she was tiny, Scoobie the same. could it be the same silly thing or does it sound more serious??????
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Well....I am not a vet or a vet tech, but was once a cat breeder. If I saw a kitten doing this I would think it was one of two things - possibly a respiratory infection or a cardiac issue - if this is open mouthed breathing, it is not normal at any age (except on a hot day after heavy play or under great stress i.e. car rides to the vets ). If she's only doing this on occasion, i.e. when she senses you are near, then perhaps it is her doing that kitten hiss as they begin smelling/hearing "someone besides their mom and siblings" nearby, that they do, and perfectly normal. I'm not sure from what you wrote as to how often she is making this sound/having the open mouth.

I would call your vet as soon as they are open to be safe and describe this to them, and I would keep a close eye on this little one until she can be seen.

Just my 2 cents,
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could she be hissing?
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to be honest it is sooooooooo difficult to describe in words. Its kinda like when a person laughs through there teeth, oooohhh hunting brain for a description. ive noticed quite a few times but it doesnt happen continually, but then im not with her 24/7 so awkward to answer.shes very lively other than that, shes squeaking at her mommy at the mo (ohh shes cute) as i said in prior thread, her mom doesnt meow as such as just opens her mouth, the mommys mom molly! also does this, no noise other than a heavy breath. ill give the vet a call in the morning, need to phone him about one of my other girls anyway. cheers
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Omg. Let's see. We had 6 kitties, and almost all of them are doing the same thing, they have their mouth open and are making a funny noise, I can't tell if they are hisisng or not! They are only something like 4 days old.

Did you have any luck, what did your vet say?
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