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Preparing for the birth..lots of Q's..

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Hi all!! My sweet kitty is due in the next three weeks or so and Im wondering what tips you have for preparing for the birth. Practical tips from those that have been there/done that..lol!!!

Ive got lots of soft old sheets in a little "nest" for her..what are the chances of her actually delivering in the prepared spot? Also, what if she has the kittens somewhere odd, like a high traffic area (kids playroom or the kitchen or somewhere the kids go alot), can i move the kittens in that case? Or am i not to touch for the first couple weeks? Im sorry I sound so ignorant in all this...this is our first kitty birth...

Ohhh, one more Q...how on earth do you think my 7yr male cat will act? When i first got Penny (the preggo Mama) , when she was really little Dash (7yr) would carry her around my her scruff, and groom her, it was hysterical....dont know WHAT he will think of lots of babies though...generally speaking how did your other cat/s feel about the babies?
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Please tell us your male cat is neutered? You should keep them away from each other as the time draws near because you never know how protective mom can be. If you read the posts that are stickied in this forum you will get some idea as to what to do, and what to expect.
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Yes he's neutered. And Penny will be also after her birth. I did read the above posts, I was just wondering if anyone had any other tips based on their own personal expeirence.
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hi there congrats on impending kittens.
regarding having other cats around her ; in my personal experience the mothers dont seem to mind all the attention from the other puss cats even the males. but saying that they were friendly and very soppy to start with. my Bell is due any day and shes more of a snuggle up in a corner on her own kind of cat. scoobie had two babies on the third and Norbert (father, who is now done) goes up and gives her a lick round the face and snifs the bubies. its soooooooo sweet

having said that all cats react differently with the situation. best to keep the male away if you are at all unsure. if she wants him around im sure she will make him know!

all the best
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Thank you for sharing your story

Penny wants us all to love her up at all times..no corners for her..lol!!!
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Regarding your question about handling the kittens: My cat just had kittens on the 6th. She had them in a room that I didn't really choose - plus it was a little drafty. They came kind of fast and furious and I felt that at least one was getting cold and I picked her up and rubbed her softly with a towel. Another 2 came right together and she took care of the 2nd & I opened up the sack of the 1st. She was fine with me handling her babies, but I imagine all cats are different on this. That first morning she growled at my husband, but only that once. I took them all to the vet on the second day and took that opportunity to relocate them all. I distracted her with a bowl of canned food, put the kitties in a box, and then there was no trouble getting her in the box.

Hope that helps! It sure is a fun time, but the waiting is awful.
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Maverick had one kitten and gave birth on my lap!

the best advice i can give to you is to be prepared. have hot water bottle and a snuggle sock (old sock filled with rice that can be microwaved) and lots of old towels that can be warmed in the dryer on hand. as well as an emergency vets number.

and relax. nature will kick in and your cat should know what to do.

i had to move Mavericks baby as it was in my lap! lol. when figuring out when to handle the babies take your cue from the mam cat. maverick liked me to look after her kitten and would take it to me or take me to see it and only leave the room if i was there to baby sit!

read every cat article you can get your hands on and most importantly, keep us posted

good luck!
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Oh,wow, on your lap!!!!! That is too cute.

Thanks guys for your tips, keep 'em coming!!!

Im so excited, I just can't wait!!!!! Its funny, I homebirthed my kids, and I feel like so many of the preparations are so similar..lol!!!
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I have a litter due in about 1.5 weeks myself. I also have a neutered male Persian....he is the mom's brother.

All I can tell you is be prepared. The babies will come when you are not looking...lol!

My male is great with the babies...he watches them and is very protective of them. I think he thinks he is the daddy but he is not...

I handle the babies from birth...momma is very good about letting me do what I need to do. I have to cut the umbilical cord , see if they are boys or girls and weigh them.

I hope everything goes smoothly...please keep us posted!

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Your girl may or may not decide to birth in the nest you have provided, but my experience is that most girls will deliver in a warm, dark place away from the normal traffic and monsters they perceive run around your home. My girl wanted nothing to do with the nest I made for her instead preferring to deliver right on my bed. I put down incontinence pads and towels and allowed her to have them there. When she was finished with the delivery, I gently moved her and the babies to the prepared nest where she was happy to stay with them - so long as it was on my bed. I slept with the kitten nest next to me for about 4 weeks! *grin*

As for your male - it is best to keep him away from the babies until you can be absolutely certain he won't hurt them or Momma cat won't hurt him for being nearby. Typically, a neuter won't hurt babies but rather sees them as little toys to stalk and hunt down. He could hurt them in his exuberance to play.

Handle the babies from the first moment they are born and allow your girl to watch you doing it - the more you handle them, the more comfortable she will be with it. Once she determines you aren't going to hurt them, she will be fine and in fact, may even like your assistance with babysitting while she goes off for some much-needed "me" time. So, pick 'em up, blow on 'em, hold 'em up to your chest and allow them to smell your scent and feel the vibration of your heart beat (kittens are both blind and deaf until several days after they are born) as frequently as you can - they will be better socialized and confident around humans.
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My cat just had her third litter...she has always expected me to sit WITH her the entire time.

The first litter she was so scared that she followed me around the house, and had the first kitten in the middle of the living room right next to our dog! (they DON't get along!)

I thought that may be just because she was a "new" mom, but she was the same way with her second and third litter. If I wasn't sitting there with her, she would follow me, meowing.

I chose a closet for her and used a large box the first two, but this time used our small spare bathroom, and an old suitcase!

She has never had a problem with me touching or picking up the kittens, though when my daughters (young) try to touch them, she acts worried.

I always stay near by, just in case...for the most part they do okay, but one of my other cats got really sick during labor (turned out she had a bad uterine infection) and I had to tear all of the amniotic sacs and cut all of the umbilical cords, since she was too weak!
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Oh,wow, everyone is giving me so much to think about, i love hearing your birth stories!!! Penny acts like such a baby herself,I just cant imagine her having babies!!! I cant fathom Dash (male) hurting the kittens, but I will watch him closely. He will likely just be grumpy about the whole situation and ignore them completely...lol.
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