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The Litter Box is not always the bathroom

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I don't know if this exactly is considered a behavioral problem, but i was wondering if behavioral problems can be the result.

I am studying in Italy for a semester and I have a cat named Luna who i had to leave in my house in Colorado. I left her in the same house she lived in when I lived there and she is being cared for by my roommates. I am going to be away for a total of 5 months. She is a very well adjusted and friendly cat and she had no health or behavioral problems when i left.

So i was just wondering if i should expect her to be different towards me when i return.
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Um, somehow the title of this is not what i thought it would be. i'm not exactly sure what happened...
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welcome to the forum

so you're in Italy now or going to leave? I think if the cat will stay with people who she knew fo rher life, it's going to be ok How old is the cat? Can you trust them with the cat?

Your post suggested she's having litter box problems NOW, is she?
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Yes, well i made the thread before i noticed the "inappropriate peeing" thread. So I decided to change my question and then give more info after I read the other thread.
First of all, Luna is 2 years old now and she has lived in the house since last august. However, only 1 of the 4 people living there now, has been there since august (such is the nature of a college house). and, yes I am in Italy now and i have been away for 3 months. I talked to my vet before i left and he told me that Luna would be okay when i left.

as for the peeing problem - it started when i left. at first we thought it was because the one roommate was not cleaning the litterbox as thoroughly as she should have. i thought that she would be trustworthy because she has a cat living there too, and so understands what is involved. now supposedly they are cleaning the litter box better but the problem persists.

also, another girl has moved into the house who has ANOTHER cat. so there are 3 now. i have heard that Luna gets a long with the newest kitten and also now is friendly with the older cat. (all female)

It is quite a long and complicated story, actually. But i don't really know where to begin explaining. i did read the tips from Hissy, and forewarded them on to my roommate, but i don't really feel at ease yet.
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Are all three cats using the same litter box? I would suggest that it is probably the root of it all. With three cats, especially ones who don't know each other, you should have a minimum of three boxes, ideally 4. Litter boxes become territorial, and many cats don't like to pee and poop in the same place. So between those factors, I would guess this may be the answer.
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Yes, well i was told that they were using separate litterboxes, (whether i believe that is another thing.) However, she does have her own litterbox that was in her territory, the room i lived in. (And did i keep that thing clean ) When i lived there, however, other cats did use her litterbox, but she never seemed to mind before so I'm not sure if me being gone is making it different somehow.
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She is probably stressed and missing you. Please have your roomies take her to the vet to be checked- stress causes illness in kitties quickly-
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my mom did take her to the vet recently and they said, physically, she was fine. Should i have her taken in for regular checks until i get back (back in a month and a half)? And in the meantime, I am hoping somethign can be done to keep her from damaging my roommates things...
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