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Will they ever get along? Fighting/Playing?

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We have had a male cat, neutered at 8 weeks, for a year now. Today is his birthday. Easter Sunday (2 weeks ago) we came home and found a stray male, approx. 1-2 years old on our porch step. We put the new cat (Sammy) in a playpen (with his own litter box, food, water) in a separate room for about a week. We thought he was going to a "no kill shelter" but they got two emergency litters of kittens which took priority. I felt bad about Sammy being locked up all day, so I took him to the vet. He is healthy, no worms, no ear mites, and no Feline Lukemia. Sammy is 1-2 years old, but not neutered. I let the vet keep him and neuter him overnight and give him first round of shots.

We moved the playpen into the living room for a day or two. We still have two litter boxes and two food and water bowls. We let them out together and they attack each other, roll around, bite each other's bellies and heads and scratch at one another. Both still have claws. Do you think hormones are still high in Sammy? Neuter was just 3 days ago? We eventually have to separate them. What can we do? Will they ever become friends? Should we put Cuddles (our first cat) in the playpen sometimes? Help?
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Have you had blood? Rushed any of these cats to the vet for severe bite wounds? Are they growling, hissing, spitting? From what you say it sounds like they are playing with each other and enjoying each other's company. If you haven't had bloodshed, they should be fine-
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