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going crazy

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I'm sitting here slowly going nuts.
My baby (human youngest) has been in Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (a country town about 6 hours south of Sydney Australia) since 4am today having her first baby.
I've rung the hospital - BUT all they can say is that she is there and in labour! and that I have to wait What else can I do?

I've got my bag packed ready to go down after she had had bubby but there is no point until she has lest hhospital.
Oh well - having let off some steam here I'll go and have another drink (coffee I mean)
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Ugh, waiting is the worst sometimes!!! Hang in there, it will be here before you know it.
Good vibes your way!!
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I hope you hear something soon!
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How exciting!
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Let us know when she has the baby! How exciting. A friend of mine called Jan lives near Wagga Wagga!
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That wait will make you crazy. On the night that the twins were born, I sat up and dozed in a waiting room chair. Sam's water had broken around 9:00 p.m. and the twins weren't born until 5:00 a.m.

After getting to see them, I had to drive 30 miles, to get home. It was less stressful, having my own kids - I got to stay in bed!

Congrats, on the new baby.
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Congratulations! Hope to hear some good news soon!
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ooh congratulations on the iminent arrival of the little one. *Paces floor waiting for news*. I hope that your daughter has an easy time and that you soon get to see the new arrival
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