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Plans for the Holiday

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I mentioned in another thread that it's going to just be my boyfriend and myself, having a low key day (and weekend).

what's everyone else doing?
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Not celebrating - just doing on-call for the County and hanging out at the house. Hopefully a little cat-catching might take place!
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Trying to keep Mike away from the remote, he loves Junkyard Wars and they are having a marathon that day! LOL I want to watch football, so we will see who will win.......
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I am not sure what we are doing yet. I am sure it's going to involve a turkey and me busting my butt in the kitchen though. I am not going to complain because I will only have a 2.5 day workweek. Then I know for sure Friday all the x mas decorations will come out and the festive music will start and my whole day of decorating will begin
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It's going to be a quiet day for me because my husband works until 2:00 p.m. and then we will have dinner and relax. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be doing some more packing for our move back home because the following weekend will be the fun weekend. It's the weekend I'm going to Connecticut and see Rene, Sandy, Ken, Michele and the rest of the cat show gang. It's not only a cat show weekend but a weekend that I get to spend with my friends. I will also be seeing Sandy's house and having fun with everyone. While I'm away, hubby will be doing some more packing. I'll be away for 4 days. I'm counting down the days and I'm already packed for that weekend and when I get home, it's only 3 more weeks and then the treck back east with all my babies.

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we have Thanksgiving earlier,but I worked that too. Truckers don't get holidays off. You folks might remember to say a wee prayer for the truckers please? Thanks!!
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We are going to my cousin's in-laws' house. Don't ask, it an extended family thang. Usually we have Thanksgiving at his house, but they have a new baby this year and just weren't up to it, so her mom offered their place. It's usually lots of fun, lots of people we only see on that day, too much food and music and we all have kids now, so it's total chaos. But we look forward to it every fall!
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I guess we'll be spending Thanksgiving with my Grandpa. My Grandma passed away and it'll be comforting that he won't be alone. We're going to cook a 20 lb turkey and make all the trimmings here and then bring it to his house.

He'll be so happy. So will we

Have a nice Holiday

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But they have a really bizarre custom at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They eat their Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Dinner at 9:00 in the MORNING! UGH! I can't even look at a cup of coffee until that time, and to eat a full on dinner and pie too- no thanks. Plus, the cook is not really a good cook anyway and the gravy is always greasy and lumpy and double-ugh....... They get mad at us because we can't adjust to this wierd set-up, so we just avoid them all together.
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Well it will be rather quiet at my house this year for a change. Only have one son coming home this year for Thanksgiving. But we are having turkey, cornbread dressing and all that stuff. I am ordering a fried turkey from a friend who does this and I made the dressing already and froze it. Will have the whole meal cooked ahead of time. Wont be doing much myself on Thanksgiving day except heating the food up. I am having foot surgery on Wednesday so will not be moving around to well on Thursday.

Kittyfoot...I will swap places with you! You have the surgery and fix a big dinner and I will drive the truck!!!

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I'm working on Thanksgiving day ($$$$ cha-ching!). Then going over to my best friends house to cook out on the grill. No kids, nothing. Can't wait. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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I will be spending Thanksgiving alone. So, instead of buying a big turkey, I am going to buy cooked chicken with the stuffing. Make mash potatoes, and pie. Usually I have it with my parents, but they will be going out of town. And my children get to spend it with their father. In mexico, we don't celebrate thanksgiving. i work on Friday. I will be off from school for two days and the weekend.
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We go to my parents w/ the whole gang.........all of us now have our own kids so its CHAOTIC!! But I am having surgery tomorrow, like I said in another thread, so I'll be hanging out on the sofa most of the day!!!
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What a bizarre tradition! Why in the world do they eat Thanksgiving dinner for breakfast? What time must the cook get up to have everything ready at that hour! Wow!

Unfortunately, my husband and I are taking advantage of the time off to paint our house. Yuck! We'll buy a Tyson's roasted chicken and stove top stuffing and make due with that.
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I didn't read that Thread, so I hope you get to feeling better real soon girl. Have a Happy Holiday and rest, rest, rest :angel2:


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This oughta be fun. My mom's boyfriend's kids (a daughter age 28 or 29, married with 2 kids, and a son age 26 or 27 married with one son, and another due before Xmas) are always feuding (a regular Geraldo SHow here) and are currently PO'ed at each other about some silly thing. We've invited his daughter and her family over for dinner, but his son (who usually stops by before heading over to the wife's parent's) hasn't called for a few weeks. So no telling if they are going to come over or what. Hope they show up at the same time so I can watch the sparks fly. I would so rather spend they day with the immediate family.

I believe my mother is going to cook up a turkey breast and get fixings for sandwiches, so we are having an untraditional meal. Hate to say this but we want everyone out before Survivor May sound horrible, but I hate sitting around listening to them talk sh*t about everyone else. Plus their kids run wild due to lack of discipline.
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Oh jeeeez, poor you guys!

I hope your day is better than your forecast...YIKES!

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Ugh, I spent from about 5 until 10 tonight just getting some of the stuff ready to go for tomorrow. You know, somehow I remember Thanksgiving as much less work...of course I think those were the days where my mom spent all the time in the kitchen. Then of course we would all fall asleep and she would get stuck cleaning the kitchen. Now, I must get some rest so I can spend another 5 hours in the kitchen tomorrow...LOL
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