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What a night

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Last night my firends and I went to a party to celebrate a friend's 23rd (I think) birthday. I was the DD. I went to pick up my boyfriend and his roommates at 10. They had Motzart blasting on the stereo, and Matt was conduction while Mike was trying to waltz. (I think I should have mentioned that they had gooten back from Happy Hour and were a tad bit tipsy). during the drive to the party the boys sang everything from the Star Spangled Banner to WVU's Alma Mater and several songs on the radio.
We finally arrived at the party to find that Emily, the girl who was hosting it was at work and wouldn't getthere until 1130-12. So what did we do, tap the keg and drink without her. More and more of our friends began to show up and the party really started to take off. I got o see a buch of people I havn't sen in a while. I watched Mike and Matt win 5 games of Beer Pong in a row very entertaining indeed.
All was fine and well until one boy got really drunk. We descided to cut him off and burned his cup in the bond fire. Somehow he had gotten a hold of a new cup and beganto drink even more. He kept saying "I don't want to remember tonight" It wasn't until after he had way to much to drink that he said he had taken 12-15 prescription pain killers. How he was even still awake I will never know, of course he has been known to lie. It took my friend, a RN, an hour to convince him to go to the hospital. At that point he couldn't keep anything down, not even water. I guess he's going to be ok.
After they took him to the hospital, almost everyone left.
We didn't get back to my boyfriend's place until nearly 3, and didn't get to bed until after that.
Jon left for his rual rotations today. He had planned to leave this morning at 6, but that didn't happen. He had yet to pack when he woke up. He didn't leave until 10, a tad bit late.
Besides the guy getting way too drunk, the night was pretty fun. Most of us are graduating in May so it's a good way to see where every may be going, and catch up.
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Oh cool! Glad you had fun. Hope that guy will be okay!
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Yikes, he sure wouldn't have remembered last night...he probably wouldn't have had a today if you hadn't intervened! Hope he'll be ok!

Glad you had a good time though!!
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well im glad you had a bit of fun, but i hope that idiot is alright!
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