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Scuba 'helping' my drawing.

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Too bad cats don't have opposing thumb...

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LOL Why don't you enter that in the forum contest?
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Oh my gosh - Scuba is adorable. And I agree with hissy!
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Well, didn't you need help brushing off eraser crumbs?

Oooh, time for a fuzzy belly scratch!
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aw! What a darling helper! Those pictures are precious! Thanks for sharing
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Great pics!!!!
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That's hilarious!
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Great pics cute cat
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Oh, he looks tired out in that last one! What cute pics!
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Heheheh, looks like my boys when i'm trying to study
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Omg! That last picture is great! Thanks for sharing those.
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It's great when you get help with work, hey?!

Great pictures!
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Looks like there was no more work getting done today. He is very settled in.Great photo thanks for sharing.
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Those pics are so funny!
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