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Poisonous Plants

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Well, it's springtime here and I just went shopping for some indoor and outdoor plants. I came home, brought the plants in the house. I locked up the stargazer lily, knowing that one is very poisonous, and I went back to get the gardenia. It wasn't in the house for 3 minutes and Cody already ate two leaves off it!!!

So I came over to the computer to look up gardenia since I wasn't sure if it was poisonous to kitties. I found a site that says it's safe.

Shewwwww. No emergency vet calls today!! She'll probably still gag it up in a few hours which is ever so pleasant, but atleast it's not harmful.

So I guess this is just a reminder to all of us who have houseplants - keep all plants away from kitties until you know they are not toxic. I turned my back for just a second and she found it. Here's a site list of toxic plants:


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Thank you, Susan! How very thoughtful of you to post this for us. Yes, we must be very careful what plants we bring into our homes in order that we may keep our babies safe! I'm so glad your precious little Codygirl has her Mommy there to watch over her!
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I love plants and i would get a load of them but i have no where to store them! or keep them away from teufel so my alternative option is to buy fake plants that look very real
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I love plants too so I moved the gardenia to higher grounds...yet, she found it last night!!! Miss codygirl ate about 4-5 leaves again and then barfed on my floor!!! Why do they do that...they know it will only make them sick?

{sigh} So now the gardenia is on top of the fridge...I wonder if my Mom will want a half eaten plant!
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