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Russian Blue behavior

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Urraco, my Russian Blue 2nd oldest cat, is about 2 years old now. He was neutered at 2 months old, and has just started spraying. He, in the past, was the one I had a urinating problem with and subsequently fixed when we changed from an apartment with roomates who may have been abusing him, to a house of our own.

Now, he's surrounded by 4 other cats and a handful of people. He's never really shown signs of being 100% happy at all.

Today we went to Petsmart to try and get something to help stop the spraying, and it is their adoption day. We saw a Russian Blue for adoption, that was a physical clone of Urraco! Reading his description, we saw "I am on the feisty side (just like Urraco), and I growl constantly just because I can. (just like Urraco) I am good with people, but not other cats (just like Urraco)."

I'm wondering, are Russian Blues more of loner breed? Anyone else have continuing "Territory" or "behavior" issues with Russian Blues that are in a mixed family herd?

If we can't fix this issue with Urraco, I'm afraid I need to find a home that is more suited to his needs It's just getting to be too much on us, and I can only imagine it's getting to be too much for him (hence the spraying and other reactions).

Please let me know your experience, or educated opinions on Russian Blues as a breed, behaviourly... either as single cats, or in groups (other RBs or mixed).
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There are a couple of people on this board, who have Russian Blue's. One of them, Vespcat, has a couple of males. The other person has a female Russian Blue named Nakita. You might try to contact either of them for any info on Russian Blue behavior. I think Vespacat was even breeding for a while, so she would probably know a lot.

I've always heard that when a cat has urinary problems as far as not using the cat box, it's possible it could be a medical problem, like a URI. I'm sure stress could cause something like that as well. I don't think Russian Blue's are anti social cats.
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I don't have any experience with Russian Blues, but their breed profile describes them as a bit shy and playful. It also states that they get along with other pets. That said, there will always be individuals who are different than the others of their breed. Has he been tested for medical problems? Are you sure he's spraying and not peeing (spraying usually occurs on vertical surfaces)? Some things to try would be reintroducing him to the household slowly, keeping him separate at first. There are lots of guides here on how to introduce a cat to other cats. I would also see if you could set up a safe place for him away from the other cats, like a kitty condo, or a box in a closet. He may be overwhelmed by having to share everything with the others.

Good luck!
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Hello. Saw your post so I thought I'd investigate being the Russian Blue purist that I am.

As you may or may not be aware, Russian Blues are a purebred type of cat and aren't common (there's no such thing as a part or half Russian Blue), and it's highly unlikely you would ever find them for sale at PetSmart (not kittens from reputable breeders with good lines anyway). In addition, I don't know of one Russian Blue breeder who would neuter/allow neutering at two months of age, or who would even sell a kitten that young... that's usually when they're getting their kitten shots.

Unless you can provide information including a photo of your cat (I'll be able to tell if it's a Russian Blue from one look), or if the cat is actually a Russian Blue (meaning he comes from two CFA/TICA registered Russian Blue parents from a REGISTERED cattery), I can't help you too much.

For more information on the breed and breed standard, a good place to start is www.russianblue.org. Or you are welcome to PM me.
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