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McKenzie and her new bed

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My old girl get special treatment from her Mom and Dad. I was at Petsmart picking up her food and couldn't resist picking up this kitty kuddler for her because it's not really a bed so I knew she'd like it on the couch (don't you love all the blankies and towels on the couch ?) I thought it would keep her all cuddled and toasty. She still has her regular bed on the floor.

Do your kitties like kitty beds???

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoh! Look at that. Saba's tabby cousin in the midwest... Oh how adorable! She looks very happy.
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Awwwww, glad to see she's using it. I bought a kitty cuddler for Lilly last week and she hasn't touched it yet. I may return it and try to get something else.
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That's a lovely bed - McKenzie looks so comfortable. Are you sure that bed wasn't built around her - it looks a perfect fit
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Awwww... look at sweet McKenzie in her bed! She looks so comfy, I want to curl up with her!
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Originally Posted by berylayn
Awwwww, glad to see she's using it. I bought a kitty cuddler for Lilly last week and she hasn't touched it yet. I may return it and try to get something else.

Berry, I spent $150 on a huge condo for S & S and they didn't touch it for 3 weeks!!!! They were oblivious. Now, Sasha has "his" platform and little Saba is just beginning to crawl up the posts. It's catching on..... I too, thought I would reutrn it or re-sell it, but now I won't.
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Whoops! Wrong forum! Sorry everyone!
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Awww, that looks sooo lovely and snuggly, she loves it! I wish I could get one in the U.K. for Villy, she would love it. She does have her own bed which she loves:

and she loves the computer chair, the sofa, my bed, the wardrobe, she seems to be able to make a bed almost anywhere!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Do your kitties like kitty beds???

Fantastic pics Chris She looks absolutely lovely!!!!

about you question...Milky doesn´t like his bed, he alway want my SIDE of the bed!!! ..... but with love I share with him!
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I s your Mommy spoiling you, McKenzie? You're just so adorable all snuggled up in your new bed!Chris, that's just such a perfect comfy little bed!
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Wow! Villy is a pretty Cat!!!! The bed is so perfect with her coloring!
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She looks all comfy and toasty in her new bed! Cleo loved her basket. I'm still trying to find something that DeeDee really likes.
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Awwww, she looks all nice and snuggly in her new bed!
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That is so nice!! I had a cuddle cup for jessie too. She loved it!!! She spent so much time in there curled up. I could barely get it away long enough to wash it. Your kitty looks so comfy in there.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Chris she looks as snug as a bug!

Rosie wouldn't entertain the bed i bought her when she was little and i've never tried one with Sophie so they just have their blankie.

I might try Sophie with one?!
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Great looking bed , cute cat
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if you ask spaz she will tell you that she has a full sized bed that is all her and that she is so kind as to let me sleep on it as well
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Ohhh McKenzie.....Trixie wants to know if you will share...........I love the bed Chris.....
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I love Kenzie new bed, I bought Gordo one, but he doesn't like it. He likes my bed, and only lets me use it to sleep. Keep spoiling your baby girl.
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Marsh has his sleeper, but he hasn't used it in more than 6 months, he's just a fan of anything where he HAS to sleep - he prefers our beds instead

here he is, in this rare moment

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Jess loved her cuddle cup!!!!!

I crack up at the first one because she totally was sleeping but when she heard me messing around with the camera, she had to peek out to see what was going on.
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She looks so happy!
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Cute pictures! Chloe has a couple of beds, but she prefers either to sleep on our bed, on her cat tree, or cuddled with her blankie on the couch.
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She looks really comfortable! My boy Elmo has his blue kitty couch!
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Very guys have a variety of beds, but I don't have any pix of them. Funniest is chunky alix wedged into a small catnip 'n nap bed that she trialed and loves
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i so want to get one of those for teufel but they cost alot here
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Chris...McKenzie looks snug as a bug in her rug in that bed! Too cute Kinda looks like it wraps around them and "hugs" them while they sleep!
I have a funny cat bed story....just before I brought Cosette home, I bought a kitten/small cat-sized cat bed for Cosette. But, Eponine took a liking to it right away and sleeps in it every night So I bought a 2nd one for Cosette, but she'd rather play all night or sleep on Bradley's head!!!
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Chris, those pics are so cute I could just die! That's a bundle of hugs right there. I like everyone else pics too.
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Pixel & Mouse together in a 1-cat sized bed...

if you're wondering just how big that bed is, Pixel's in it alone in my signature!

So i got them a bigger one to share...

but now it seems to belong to little Cable! (altho she doesn't look too comfy, does she?)

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