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Aarrg.... and I thought her death was going to be the big grief.

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Some people just need to be smacked on the side of the head, for their egocentric attitude....

Like two weeks ago, my great aunt on my father's side who has been living in Florida for the past 30 or so years, died. I am not foreign to old people dying in the family, and she was in her 80s and with ailing health. Our main worry, was more of her American husband, with whom she was married for the last 40 years - who is not only devastated, but also is a very old ailing man. This fella has got like every single disease in the book, heart disease, diabetes, nearly blind, uses a wheelchair, colon problems, etc.

We have called him before, and actually asked him if he wants us to come visit right now, to help him out but he says he just wanted to be alone, to think and such. He would like it if we visit him a few months from now.

But now, here's what has everyone around here angry and mad. Her niece, who lives also in Florida, in Daytona to be precise, is mad and angry and going around, because months ago, the woman had changed her will. Originally, my father in Puerto Rico and her niece in Daytona would get all the property. She changed it so that it would after her husband's death, go to his own niece in Indiana and a portion to the Cuban housemaid who had been looking after the house for quite a while now.

Our reaction was almost of not giving a nickel for her change in the will. They never had any children, trust me, they were far from rich (just the classic retired couple living in Volusia county with a small suburban house), and neither we, nor her niece in Daytona needs a single dime from all that. She's a psychiatrist, who is very prosperous in her practice, and whose children are already in her thirties. There is almost nothing to inherit there anyway, let her do whatever she wanted to do with her own money. We are more worried about her husban's health.

But where I really got angry was when I talked to her on the phone last night, when she called and my parents were not available, she was actually talking about challenging the will and take the dying old widowed husband to court!!!!

What I essentially told her was flat out this: Had the aunt, won the Florida state lotto or something similar shortly prior to dying, I would understand her perfectly, but there isn't. Her biggest property ever was her three bedroom 40 year old home in Volusia county. And I told her what angered me the most: that bringing a dying old man who has just lost his wife in the age and frailty, both mental and physical of the husband to court (Who is the person who has been having my simpathies and sadness all along), for something so trivial simply wasn't the type of stuff one should do and that it was so inmoral, I didn't thought a single judge in the state of Florida would go that way. (Understatement of the decade) How close I came to using the more colorful words of the dictionary to describe such an attitude is incredible. Let's just help the man live his last few years in some peace is what I told her. (And I have ommited the cuss words my parents were saying to each other about her attitude about it all and tried to say it all in a polite form. Knowing my dad, he wouldn't have had a lot of reservations in saying his thoughts)

Geesh... how can there be people this egocentrist???? My thoughts were almost of choking the lights out of that lady when she mentioned that.
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i know how you feel.

My dads side of the family expect part of the houses to go towards them after my dad and mum dies they think nothing should go towards me....

My dad got really angry because they just bought a new house in sicily, and my cousin who is getting married next year asked if he could move in and NOT pay any rent! my mum is still furious...
From next year on i will have the beach house to my self going there constantly to make sure my beach house is okay ect. but my dads family might take me to court one day for having my dads share which i think is really unfair!

enough about me.
I dont think she should take him to court, but maybe discuss with him that she and you can have some of the deal. If there is any left! But then again, Aunts dont really leave anything for nieces or nephews in my opinion!
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Victor, you have every right to be disgusted. I certainly would be.
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Geesh... how can there be people this egocentrist????

NO NOT Egocentrist but GREEDY! It is all "ME ME ME ME"
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Estates bring out the worst in people I agree with you 100% as to what is really important.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Estates bring out the worst in people I agree with you 100% as to what is really important.
Ain't that the truth!
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