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What are your 3 most favourite things about your cat?

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I know this may be difficult to narrow down but!
I think mine would be:
1) the way she ALWAYS greets me when I come in even if I haven't been gone for long.
2)Head butts, I love head butts!
3) Stroking her cute furry tummy!
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This is hard!!!


1)The way she talks (she has so many different ways of meowing!!)
2)She follows me around the apartment endlessly
3)The way she bonds by licking and grooming me daily

1)The way she'll only come out from hiding when I call her name
2)The way she'll come snuggle and give headbutts so willingly
3)Her bravery in learning to trust her new family after being thrown into so many different situations.

I my girls
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His gentle, strong spirit - he's very special.
When he licks my nose
He's the world's top cuddler.

Her wanting so much to be a family - it just shows.
The way she sleeps right next to my head and won't get up until I do.
Her beauty
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1. he is the first to greet me at the door after work, he likes to spend time telling me about his day.
2. he likes to pose for Mom, showing off how handsome he is, using those green eyes to their full advantage.
3. he has a sweet & gentle heart (till he has to go to the vet!)
And Mini..
1. her little nose is always working furiously!
2. she likes to sleep & take naps with Mom, always.
3. she is a shameless flirt with her sleek little bod & her headbutts! Her little forehead is so silky soft. (oops, is that 4?)
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The way he's such a cuddle bug.
He always is there to give me a good headbutt.
He's the most handsome at in the world, as far as I'm concerned.


She's such a whiner, she reminds me of myself.
She's always there to listen when I need to talk to her.
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Fred-He has been my buddy for 18 years. When we moved around so much for awhile, and I did not know nobody, he was always there with kisses and cuddles. He is the most loving creature I have ever met.
Pearl-I love the way she has blossomed from a traumatized kitten to a sweet little princess.
Pepper-She is so lively and full of life, like she savors every moment. She gives the sweetest hugs.
Scooter-He is so naughty, but so cute while he is doing it. He lets me rub his tummy.
post #7 of 28 he always wants to be on my lap, how tolerant and well adjusted he is for moving so much and meeting so many more new cats,how he plays with his toys,how he gives me head butts. we have meowing conversations,how he runs around the house like a crazy man,how he lets us dress him up and lets us do whatever we want to him,how he crys when I leave for work. Tigger...How he lays next to the tub while I take a bath every night,how he is always the first cat at the door when I get home,how he lays on my chest gives me kisses then rests his head on mine. he loves the other cats,how beautiful he is.
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1.The way Monte cuddles next to me every night
2. The way he does silly things to make us laugh
3. The way he looks at me with those eyes......I just melt!
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1. Soo laidback. Lets my husband manhandle him and keeps coming back.
2. Likes to sleep on top of one of us. BIG snuggler.
3. Comes when called to.

1. Purrsonality plus. So many expressions.
2. When he cuddles with me he rubs his face all over mine. He want to make sure everyone knows I am his.
3. So athletic. Never know where I am going to find him but he keeps me on my toes.

1. Beautiful princess. So girly compared to my boys. Except when she is chasing them.
2. So silly. Chases her tail on the stairs and fall from top to bottom.
3. Loves to let me groom her so I can make her pretty.
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Really, just 3?
I love the way Sierra snuggles with me
I love her unconditional, unlimited love
I love her beautiful little voice and her precious, loving face
I love everything about my baby girl!
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I love everything about my kitties! Too hard to narrow it down!
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Gosh that is hard! Let me try...

1. How we must have our "Mommy-Baby" quality time every morning before I go to work, and every evening before I go to bed. He's such a Mommy's Boy!
2. How he loves for us to rub his tummy.
3. Kitty Kisses. He asks for them, and it's just so adorable.

1. How she adores hubby. She's definitely Daddy's Girl, and the feeling is assuredly mutual.
2. How pretty she is. She's very petite and simply stunning, IMO. She's my little Supermodel kitty.
3. How she loves to snuggle with *someone* when she naps. Trent doesn't think that's one of her best features but I do. She sleeps snuggled up with me almost every night.
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1. His face, how can i resist??
2. His Purrssss
3. his Fur!

Things i dont like about him
1. When he digs his claws at me
2. when he just comes and jumps on me to attack me
3. when he ignores me and gives all his luv to bf when he isnt in the mood
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Fur, claws and whiskers
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Really, just 3?
I love the way Sierra snuggles with me
I love her unconditional, unlimited love
I love her beautiful little voice and her precious, loving face
I love everything about my baby girl!
Steph, it never fails to amaze me how you can describe with Sierra with such's like it radiates through the computer
OK, my girls....
*I love how trusting she is of me and now Bradley. When I first got her 3 years ago, she was scared of EVERYONE.
*I love how she burrows her head in the crook of my elbow and kneads my arm. This is her way of snuggling and to me it is the best thing in the world
*I love how she is now interacting with Cosette. She'll let Cosette chase her (then she'll turn around and chase Cosette!) and they now even wrestle!

*I love her cute kitten qualities- her little body, her curiosity, how fun it is to watch her grow and develop a personality of her own
*I love how she follows Eponine around like Mary's little lamb. She wants to do everything the big kitty does, but she also allows Eponine to remind her with a few swats and growls that she is the alpha cat!
*I love how, whenever I go to pick her up or pet her, she starts purring REALLY loudly- louder than I ever thought a little kitten could!

As for BOTH girls, I love them both for all of the love, joy, excitement, laughs, and entertainment they have brought to my life.
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1. How he occasionally thinks he has to neck with me in bed. (puts his head under my chin and rubs away)
2. How he always demands to be petted when he comes in from outside, even before he heads for the food bowl.
3. How he saves me from my nightmares when I scream by lying on my chest and comforting me.

1. How her little vertical tail shimmies when she is excited.
2. How she wiggles her little butt as she prepares to attack Purdy or Redcat in play.
3. How she jumps up to meet my hand to be petted.

1. How he loves his belly rubs.
2. How he invites me to comb him by getting me to follow him to the brush arch toy.
3. How he insists on being on my lap whenever I'm at the computer. No matter how many times I put him down, he comes right back. (I both love this and hate it, I'll admit. It's funny, though.)
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Unconditional love
They hug and love me and get close and snuggle.
I love watching them play and wrestle.
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I. Sometimes when he dosn't know where I'm going ... he runs ahead & leads the way, while glancing back over his shoulder, to be sure I'm still there.
2. The little drop of saliva on his sweet chin when he is purr treading like a kitten.
3.He sleeps with his head on the pillow beside me at night. Always love Dexter.

I.Sadie is my little girlie girl...with a high meow that is so sweet, the angels must smile whan they hear her.
2.In the evening...when we watch TV, she sleeps with her butt on my chest & her face on my lap...purring, always purring.
3.At night she sleeps on top of the pillow that is next to mine...I love you precious Sadie

These things are only the tip, of a huge iceberg of joy, that Dexter & Sadie bring into my life.
I love you my furbabies.
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1.) her plump little body. It's not really that plump, it's all just hair, but when she goes outside and starts rolling around on the sidewalk, I've got "Butterball" floating in my head, lol
2.) Her attitude/temperment. She's an independant girl and would definitely be a punk girl if she was human. Yet she's got a soft side underneath that only those close her her ever see. She acts like she doesn't care for Buffy, but if Buffy ever gets cornered or stared at by my dog, Willow gets all defensive and tries to divert Jake's attention to her.
3.) She's so predictable. Her picture should be right beside "routine" in the dictionary. If she's going to do something, you always know what she'll do first. For example, if I'm lying on the couch and she starts walking towards me, I know she's going to jump up next to me and curl up behind me knee. But she'll do the same thing on the way first. First, she'll be on the kitchen table when she looks over and sees me, the kitty bed, on the couch. Then she'll go to the corner of the table, look both ways, lean down so that both front legs are pressed against the table leg and the corner of the table is pressing into her belly. Then she'll jump to the floor when the floor is only a couple of feet away. Then she'll walk towards the table next to me, spooking at least 3 times at foreign objects in her path (like the rug, some socks, a toy). Then she'll jump up onto the table that's nearest to me and preen (chest and back arched). Then she'll jump down and jump up onto me, walk onto my legs and circle a few times, then plop down like the butterball that she is. Groom a foot a couple of times, look up and look around, like her foot again, and then lower her head and go to sleep.

1.) Her wackiness. She's got some missing screws in her head. To a regular stranger, Buffy would look like that, because she's got a weird way of doing things, such as pushing things over with the back of her paw. Yet those who know her can see an intellegence deeper down. She might use the back of her paw, but she stops and ponders the object first, tilting her head and looking around it closely as if to find the path of least resistance. And the way she reacts to us shows how smart she is too. It's hard to explain just how she reacts, but if she truely had missing screws, she'd just stare at us blandly while we chatter to her.
2.) Her humour. Its hard to tell if she knows when we're laughing at something funny she did, but she seems to know what things make us laugh and she'll repeat them another day. She also knows what we DON'T like, and she'll work harder to repeat those. She especially loves to watch things get pushed over the edge of something tall and fall to the floor, and she'll repeat it if you gasp and say "Buffy! No!" I swear I can see pleasure in her eyes when she's about to do something bad, like pouncing on Willow, who's grooming herself, or after she's done something bad.
3.) She's so loving. I've heard Willow purr maybe a max of 3 times in her whole life, but all it takes to get Buffy to purr is to look at her, blink, and start snorting or purring. And if given the chance, she'll sleep on or against you, when with Willow, you're lucky if she'll lie down next to you (there's a 1 in 4 chance of Willow lying down next to you when she's happy and content)
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Sammy - he's so sweet. He has an easygoing personality, likes to sit in my lap,and he usually is waiting at the door for me when I come home.He rolls around on the floor
a lot,trying to get me to pet him.
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Oh, this is a great idea for a thread. I love reading everyone's responses and seeing how many different cat personalities there are. So, on to my three:

1. It seems silly, but he'll always hold a special place in my heart because he was the first. He was the one who made me realize how much I could love a cat (his sweet demeanor didn't hurt!).
2. His loud, broken-tractor purr that comes out so easily, especially when we first come home and he squirms on his back, begging for belly rubs.
3. How handsome he is. He's more of a medium-hair than a shorthair, and his fur is luxurious and soft and intensely colored--the snowiest white and the most brilliant reddish orange. His name actually means "bright" or "shine" in Hebrew.

1. She just loves to cuddle with me in bed, but even though she often lies on the bed when I'm not there, when I am in bed, she "asks permission" before jumping up. She'll sit at my bedside, eyes wide and ears pricked, wiggling her butt and waiting for me to pat the bed and say "c'mon!"
2. If I'm not quick enough with serving their food, she'll let out a couple of impatient, squeaky little meows--she sounds like she's still learning how to meow!
3. She's so petite and delicate, and thus it's a joy to watch her play. She's like a perpetual kitten.

1. He loves to lie on top of me or the bf and knead while being petted. He gets so into it, but is never overstimulated. He even kneads in midair if he's lying on his back or side.
2. He's the most outgoing of the three, always ready and willing to play or be petted. He loves sitting on laps and even being carried around the house, slung over my shoulder.
3. His little trills as he walks around the house or jumps up to the bed or couch. Such a sweet sound!
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1. how he extends his paw when i stroke him
2. how beautiful he is! just dreamy - all white, silky hair, gorgeous amber eyes... he's stunning
3. his personality - he's extremely laid back - practically nothing rattles him
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1) her calming presence and loyalty - she's been with me for almost 12 years, through many moves and changes, and has always been a sweet, loving girl
2) the way she comes running when I say "where's my baby?"
3) her beauty -she's solid black, sleek and shiny - just a joy to look at

1) the way she sits in the window waiting for me to come home and greets me at the door
2) she gives me "kisses on request"
3) her quirky, rather demanding (but totally adorable) personality

1) his kittenlike antics make me laugh
2) his incredibly loud purr
3) the way he likes to snuggle under the covers at night
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Snickers: The way he follows me EVERYWHERE. The way he nibbles my nose at 4am cuz he's hungry. The way he goes beserk after eating & bounces through the house.

Dusty: the way she likes to be held like a baby, arms around my neck. The way she growls at the other cats, cuz she only likes PEOPLE. The way she watches me while I'm outside working in the yard, and cries so loud the neighbors can hear!

Jessie: the noises she makes on her cat tree; the faces she makes when we brush her; the way she freaks out when I put peppermint oil on my feet.

K.C.: how she makes a nest in my hair every single night. The way she bolts into the room as soon as she sees it's bedtime. Her general tiny-ness & how she looks like a kitten even tho she's 12 yrs old.

Zorro: His bigness! He's like holding onto a purring King sized pillow. The way he stands up and hammers his big paws against the door when you have the bathroom door ajar, to open it. The way he corners Dusty cuz she hates him, and stares her down.

Hammie: The way he greets me; his morning routine of loving on the sinktop; his pitiful meowing after he's wolfed down his food & is locked in the bathroom, then watching him scour the empty plates afterwards of the other cats.

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Awww, you guys, this is such a cute thread! It just shows how much love, joy and happiness we get from our furbabies
Villy makes me sooo happy
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Cindy - her large, round expressive eyes
she always observes EVERYTHING
she puts her paw on you when she wants something

Lucy - she'll find your lap and get comfortable
her slim and sleek form
runs into the laundry room, jumps to the faucet for water

Punky - she's my "American Idol" with her singing by the door every night
(what a pretty voice!)
all of the noises and sounds she makes
that tortietude and her tortie paint brushed fur

Mooie - those Cleopatra eyes
trills, chortles, and squeaks instead of meows
a majestic mystery (how did you become a stray?)
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My little girl Cody...

1) She's gorgeous...what mama couldn't love a face like hers?

2) She's my baby, my best friend - no one could ever take her place. She keeps me company when I'm alone and she's always there for me no matter what...when I'm happy, sad, sick, tired...she always brings a smile to my face.

3) Her pretty meows...what is life anyway...without the tender music of a meow?
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How he tries to be so tough and ferocious but then for example, I'll wake up to him sharing my pillow with me.

His endless curiosity and need to be where he thinks something/anything might be going on.

How he stands up on his hind legs, dances around and meows while we are getting his dinner ready.

I can't believe how much he has grown!! When we got him he was 12 oz.! Now he is almost 5 lbs!!
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