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somali kittens

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i have a question relating to breeding somailis.
i have been looking for a somali kitten, and would like to breed them. i think they are truely gorgeous and have also noted that there are very few breeders around in my part of uk. however the ones i can find do not sell to breed from. how do i go about locating a breeder that will sell kittens for the purpose of breeding??????
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I don't know how to find one in the UK but couldn't you buy one from the USA and have it shipped to you?
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doh! that never even crossed my mind actually. is it safe to do? do the cats have probs after at all??? I will definatly look into that option as not having much luck over here at all. i know that people import cats from france and holland etc,but wonder if US would be a trek for them?
cheers for that
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its safe enuf.. but pricey
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You might want to check and make sure there are no quarantine restrictions. Young kittens might not have all their shots yet and make it more difficult to get them into the country.
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i will have to look into that then. unfortunatly it doesnt look like im getting one for a while. i have agreed to take on 2 persians from a lady who is no longer able to breed them due to her ill health. she is a close friend of my mother and is having to relocate her 30+ cats. I can only take 2 due to space. many thanks for the help though
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