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custom avatar

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Ok so ive worked out posting pics and my sig how do you change the avatar???????
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You can't have a custom avatar until you have reached 700 posts-
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When you reach 700 posts, you will be able to upload your own personal avatar. Or, since Anne has started having paid memberships, if you decide subscribe, you can upload a personal avatar at anytime.
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Yes, I think it has to be 700 posts and you have to have been a member for at least three months!

You can always use one of the preset ones for the time being!
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Cheers everyone, i will now post with vigor!! like i need any encouragement with all the gorgeous kittens on here!
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You will be able to get your custom avatar in June/July! It's something good to look forward to!
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The levels of TCS membership and what each entitles you to are here
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