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Scabs on skin....

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In December, I asked about some lumps on Tibby's leg and around his bottom that I discovered were quite scabby. I took him to the vets and Tibby was given an injection to calm down the scabbing - as something had irritated his skin. (worked well and the scabs disappeared)

However, yesterday, I noticed that Tibby has got scabs again around the same place. It appears as though the skin is irritated by something, as it is scabby. I was wondering if it could possibly be eczema? I can't think of anything - product wise - that wuld irritate his skin and also can't see a way that it would be irritated on only one side if he were sitiing on something.

I am going to use a mild antiseptic to clean the flat today and see if that help, but am probably going to be taking him to the vets next week if things don't change.

Just to add, it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all - except when I part his fur to see it - and he's not paying any special attention to it, that i've noticed.

Does anyone else have a kitty with skin problems or eczema? Might this be the problem?
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This may be waaaaaay offbase, Sarah, but I wonder if Tibby would benefit from an alternate food? Sometimes a food allergy can manifest itself in the skin.
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Stephanie, I never even thought of that! What should I do? Should I try a different food for a couple of days? Might it be a certain ingredient of the whole food? Gosh, so much to think about!
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First I must add, Sarah, as you already know, any change should be approved by Tibby's Vet!

Would you want to consider trying California Natural ? It's very often good for kitties with allergies!
You're already aware, any transition, you will want to make gradually.
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Yes, I will ensure that I speak to the vet about it!

I had a look at the sight and it doesn't seem to be available in the UK. We might have an equivalent, as Molly had some food from the vets - after her spaying - that was chicken and rice.

Would it be okay to feed both of them on the same food if I have to change Tibby's?
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I'm not sure of Tibby and Molly's age, are they close together? Molly doesn't have any particular health issue, does she? As long as it's a high quality food, I don't see why they couldn't both eat it! I don't mean to dominate your thread, Sarah, we're just the only ones here right now! Bet Pat will come along with some excellent thoughts! Wonder if we might could find a food better than what they have at your Vet's office? The transition would need to be gradual so as not to cause digestive upset, and it would probably need to last for more than just a couple of days before you could see if it was effective.
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There are only a couple of months between Tibby and Molly and she is in top shape!

I am not sure what foods they have at the vat's office, but I will certainly see! I can also have a look at websites and find out what I can get shipped!

True, Stephaine, I don't want to give Tibby an upset stomache! I agree that it would have to go on for longer than a few days, as it would time time to have any effect!
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Just thought that i'd bump this up a bit to try to see if anyone else can add some enlightenment or help!

All and any help is appreciated!
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Winnie gets scabs from a flea allergy. I never see fleas on her when she gets them, but the vet said it only takes a single flea to start that reaction. If it gets to bad she gets a cortisone shot plus advantage and after a few days the scabs start to go away. If it's not too bad then she just gets the advantage.
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Thank you, Diane! That could be a possibility too! I think it was a cortisone shot that Tibby had last time - we'll be visiting the vet this week and i'll let you all know how it goes!
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