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Good vibes please for the coconuts

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My rescue coordinator came over tonight to weigh the coconuts. She is very concerned that all 3 are under a lb still (at 43 days old) They are off to the vet in the am for a check, she's also concerned about the way their bellies feel - she used the dreaded FIP term. Please keep my muffins in your thoughts I can't bear anymore tragedies with this group.
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You are all in my prayers!!
Lots of hugs
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Oh I do hope things work out for them! You really have had such a hard time so far.
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Your little coconuts are in my prayers! Please be well, babies!
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They are all in my thoughts!
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Hope coconuts will be doing o'key. Keep us posted.
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Keeping those little ones in my thoughts! Gosh, they've been through so much already...
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Is the verdict in yet? What did you hear?
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The vet doesn't think its FIP. He thinks the kittens are just gassy, but can't explain the slow weight gain. I went out of town yesterday for an overnight, so the rescue coordinator picked them up at the vets after I dropped them off Saturday morning. Now Chloe is in heat again Sooooo what we are thinking is that her milk supply was just uber low and they were expending too much time trying to nurse rather than eat. Since being separated from Chloe, Hiwa and Hoku have each gained .5oz, but Kala has dropped a little - he's the biggest, but the one who doesn't eat solid food as often as the other two, so we will have to work on him some more. My rescue coordinator wants to keep them for a couple of days to keep monitoring their weight (her real scale versus my postal scale with a bowl on top LOL.) The other rescue coordinator is checking to see if Chloe can go to the day spa on Tuesday.
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I think it is safe to say that since the coconuts were so sick with calici that their little immune systems kicked in instead of their growth systems. Give it time and a lot of patience, these babies will catch up.
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Lots of good health vibes going out to those sweeties!
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Sorry to hear you are still having problems with them not gaining weight.

Good luck and hope it goes better!
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That was good news from the vet. I am sure that they will pick up, especially with being monitored so closely. Good luck with Chloe's spay.
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Sending you lots of get well vibes for your babies.
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