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kittens playing or fighting?

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I have a four month old male and recently brought in an eight week old female . I kept them separate for only a short time thinking that cause they are so young they would have no real problems.

Well the older one is so rough and when he gets a hold of her he doesnt let go when she crys out and I am not sure if he is biting for real or not. I have to break them up. He stalks her and he hisses and growls.She doesnt really hide away or anything and seems to go back for more at times.

She is half his size. I am not sure if I should separate them again or just let them work it out.
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If your male is not neutered he is exhibiting typical male mating behavior. You should keep them apart until your male is fixed- and even a little bit beyond as well. He could easily hurt her in his exuberance.
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Thankyou hissy . I will do that. He is extrememly rough on her and I kept them apart all night last night. When back together this morning he just went at her again.

We are for sure getting him nuetered when he is old enough
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I have the same situation, but the older one is a girl, and she does the same thing to my little boy. They are starting to be able to be together sometimes, just be patient and don't rush them.

Also, four months old is old enough to neuter, and I've read that the earlier you do it, the more well-behaved he will be when he grows up.
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Thanks for your help. I think here in Canada they dont nueter till they are five months at least thats what the vets in my area are saying. I wish it could be sooner. I hope you are right about them getting along at some point. Life would be a lot easier
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I agree with all the above statements. Neutering will help a lot. I know my Lewis, who was neutered at 5 months was starting to be more agressive at that age and once he was neutered, he was back to his old sweet self, still loving to play and wrestle big time, but not with such aggression. Hopefully you can find someone who will not make you wait as that would be easier for you and your cats. Although there are no guarantees, your cats are young enough that I'll bet once he's fixed, things will settle down and they'll eventually do just fine. Kittens wrestle quite hard and rough but it does sound like your little boy is a little too rough with the hissing and growling and it does sound like he's hurting her. Good luck!
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The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends to spay or neuter kittens beginning at eight weeks of age.
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What is it with some vets ?

Are they trying to enhance their bottom line by not recommending neutering/spaying until the animals have a chance to breed ?

I had one tell me a female dog shouldn't be spayed until she had her first batch of puppies.

I furiously replied, BULLS**T, just do it ! !

He did, and the dog was a perfect pet for 17 years.

We have ALL our critters "fixed" as early as possible and have NEVER had any negative effects from same.

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Thanks Leonard,Nano and Grapegal

I havent been here for a couple of days. I just posted in the crossing over section Hardrive got out and we found him on the hwy. We are sick about it. I had just found a vet too that would neutar him at four months and he was going in tomorrow.
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I am so very sorry. I don't know what else to say.....other than my heart goes out to you. Please don't blame yourself. A big hug to you.
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I'm sorry to hear that!
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Thankyou Nano and Grapegal for you kind thoughts. We miss him so much.
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So sad, big hug from me too, and sweet thoughts to Hardrive.
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Thankyou missliner for your kind thoughts and hugs.
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