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Cutest thing your cat does

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Patrick, my soon to be 18 y.o., has become more frail as he's aged. But he's developed the cutest...I don't know what to call it, it's not a trick, it's just this thing he does, while we are carrying him from one room to another (he could walk, it's just faster these days to carry him...he really meanders these days).

We are fans of various sci-fi is produced by a company that during credits, features a lurching creature going "errrgh! argh!". It's a silly saying we use with our guys when joshing around with them (you DO talk to your cats, don't you?)

We will put the tip of a finger under Patrick's paw while holding him and say "errrrgh! argh! " and he will curl his toes around our is just the silliest thing

Love this sweet cream boy, best Curl in the world

What cute thing does your cat do?
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Awwwww! Patrick sounds too cute
Let's see..... I think just about everything the girls do is cute... my favorite thing lately is just how they chase and tackle each other...As for individually... hmmm....I love how Eponine kneads my arm and burrows her wet little nose into the crook of my elbow as she kneads and purrs....and I love how, whenever I pet Cosette on the top of her head, she rolls her eyes up to the top of her head to watch my is too cute for words!
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Limerick loves to curl up in my lap while I'm on the computer. he sleeps while i hang out on-line or while writing a paper.

He also loves to swueeze between me and my boyfriend while we watch tv. haha
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Hmmmmm... snuggle with her new kitty!

It's cute when Billy goes psycho on his psycho chair.... he gets all wild and everything! LOL!
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Ivo's recently started sleeping with me every night. Usually she sleeps between my legs but sometimes she'll sleep against my side with her backside up towards my head. The other night she was sleeping next to me, and I put my hand on what I thought was her hip. At some point she turned over, and I realized I had put my hand on her head. She fell back asleep with her head in my hand, and I could feel when she started dreaming. That is the cutest (and most wonderful) thing she's done.
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George carries a Sockie baby around, Megan always drapes herself over the side of the tub when I'm taking a bath. Mama always runs over to the same spot in the dining room and falls over to get lovin'. Kenzie picks on hubby every night by walking all over him and meowing until he lies on his back and she has to hop on his right side and then lays across his chest. Lizbeth likes to play hide and seek with us.
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Oh... Billy loves to play with a piece of paper that's been waded up! He scoots it around like a soccer ball! Then, he picks it up in his mouth, and carries it away! It's so cute! It's adorable, and I love it!
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It never fails with Monte. Every time we come home and walk in the door, Monte wakes up from wherever he has been sleeping, runs to us and then proceeds to run through the house from room to room, like a mad cat! I have seen dogs do that, but never a cat. After a few minutes, he is on our laps and ready for loves!
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My little persian gets right in my face and just stares,then she'll rub her head
against my face and kiss me.At night when I'm trying to read she has her head resting in the crook of my arm.Makes it a little difficult trying to turn the
page.She always makes me smile.

My Ariel likes to roll around the rug and have her belly rubbed.She's the only cat I've ever owned that listens when I Tell her to stop it,if she's getting into
something she shouldn't be getting into.Very funny!
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Awww how cute!

Benja runs up and down the outside stairs while meowing in a shrill voice!
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My Gracie does so many cute things, but my favorite is that when I pick her up and ask her for a kiss, she licks my ear!
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yesterday teufel and i were having a cuddling session but he was trying to fight me first untill i was looking at him and making badiboo baby noises! he was just lightly biting my hand and licking me, then when i went to bed he pounced on my head licked my nose and then he pounced again and bit my cheeck very lightly then he went to ben him self
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When I announce "I'm going to bed, RedCat, if you'd like to come with me," both Red Cat and Sheba usually come. What's a bit amusing, though, is that they usually both just sit or lie on the floor right beside the bed waiting for me to wash my face and brush my teeth before they jump on the bed. But the minute I start getting in, they jump. Only a handful of times in six years has Red Cat got in before me. I just got Sheba last September and she used to get in before me, but when she did, she always lay down right where I sleep. I think she's finally learned that she'll get moved if she gets in first. But it is just so cute watching them sitting there waiting for me.
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Ophelia insists on sleeping next to my pillow..heaven help Patrick if he tries to take "her side" of that pillow. She waits to see if I am awake, and then often (as she has done since she was a kitten) she will reach out one paw and very gently pat my face. It is the sweetest, most endearing thing.

I love her to pieces, and can't believe she's going to be 12 in August(eek!)..right along with her sister, Alix.
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My favorite thing Marsh does, is when I stoke him, he will extend his paw It looks sooo adorable, i need to put it on tape
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oh gosh! I just love almost everything Adia does, but the one cutest thing is when she starts chasing her tail and starts flipping and flopping around!! I crack up EVERYTIME she does this!! She looks like she's having SO much fun.

Oh, one other thing that she just did the other day ... she never sleeps on my body - she will sleep on the bed with me, but in her own little area. The other morning I woke up and before I opened my eyes, i just felt this vibration and i was thinking "what is that!??" Well... i opened my eyes, and there was Adia sitting on my chest looking right at me and purring SOO loud! LOL I woke up and said "Hi baby" and she meowed the sweetest little meow.
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With all my cats, there are 6 very different personalities. They all do really cute things.

Jessie makes this squinty-eyed face & spreads her paws out while she's on her tree... she meows VERY LOUDLY til ya brush her. The squinty-eyed thing she does, with her cheeks puffed out, it's just adorable!

K.C. makes a nest in my hair every night... dunno what I'd do if I didn't have her there to hold my hair down. I quit sleeping with it in a braid for her, she didn't like the braid.

Snickers is by far my favorite of all, because he's so personable and full of personality... he 'talks' to me with a trill every night, he nibbles on my nose & cheeks when he wants me to wake up. He also gets real crazy after he is done eating and bolts through the house, knocking into stuff.

Hammie does this figure-8 thing through people's legs, rubbing & purring & meowing, til ya pet him. He also is a 'face rubber', pushes his face on everything & everyone.

Big fat Zorro won't let me get a shower without him in there. He just likes the sound of it. Hammie always gets so nutty & loud while I'm in the shower but Zorro just lays down & likes the sound.

And Dusty, she growls at the other cats, this horrible demonic low-growl that sounds like something straight out of a horror flick. Yet she's so beautiful, tiny, soft & sweet!!! She will wrap her arms around you after BEGGING to be held. She also gives kisses... if you stare at her, she will rub her nose on your nose.

And all 6 of 'em sleep with me in their own designated spots. Funny how they have each staked out a spot on the bed... with just enough room for the human!
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Pepper wants to be a mommy so badly, she has fur mousies that she carries around with her. I ask her where her baby is, and she will bring me a mousie. She adopted Scooter when we got him, but he is grown up, and does not allow much mothering. If she thinks his outside time has gone on long enough, she will call him, and if he does not come, she will go get him. She dragged him in by the scruff once when he would not come in. He was howling at the top of his lungs, it was hilarious.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Pepper wants to be a mommy so badly, she has fur mousies that she carries around with her. I ask her where her baby is, and she will bring me a mousie. She adopted Scooter when we got him, but he is grown up, and does not allow much mothering. If she thinks his outside time has gone on long enough, she will call him, and if he does not come, she will go get him. She dragged him in by the scruff once when he would not come in. He was howling at the top of his lungs, it was hilarious.
That is so cute! I would love to have seen it.

Bijou warms my heart because every night he waits for me to settle, then gets on the bed with me and suckles the left side (has to be the left side) of my neck while kneading my cheek with one paw and my neck with the other. Then he gives me kisses on the nose and eyelids (that does hurt a bit with those barbed tongues) then settles facing me with his paw on my cheek or neck and his head and shoulders on his half of my pillow.
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Tigs, if daddy will let him in the bed with meowmy in the mornings, will come up to me, headbutt me for a minute, give me a couple of kitty kisses, then curl up and sleep under my left arm....sweet boy!
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