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What do you guys think of this care?

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My friend recently shared this with me about her Siamese. Needless to say she is really upset with the vet clinics.

"I left the siamese out while I took my son to the b'day party. When I returned he had apparently been hit by a car. I called two vets, both of whom sent me to the "emergency care" clinic. I went there, treatment was good and cat stable. They said he'd need surgery that they didn't perform - I said "ok, I know an orthopedic surgeon - Dr. O in Denver - know him, like him, have confidence in him" I'll call him tomorrow morning. They kept talking about a place in another town and said that actually I could take the cat there now and (I understood) get surgery underway. I took the cat to this other town - and come to find out they are just taking the cat in as an emergency and they will keep him overnight there. Then another corporation (though related) would take over as surgeons tomorrow. I said why did I leave one emergency place just to go to another emergency place - it makes no sense - duplication of services, too. The second place said they didn't know why I was referred there but the bill for tonight would be $1000.00 (I had just paid the other place $375). Ultimately, I called the first place and said "What's going on?"
Long story short, I took the cat back to the first place (now, mind you, this is transporting an injured, though stabelized and medicated, cat from town to town twice) where he will stay tonight for an addition $150 to $200.
This took me SIX hours. Anyway, tomorrow morning I have to pick the poor thing up AGAIN *before eight* and find a surgeon immediately thereafter.
I don't yet know if he has nerve damage that will prevent successful surgery - but, I'm hoping not."
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that is awful!

I'll be praying for your friends kitty.
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What a terrible thing to have to go through!! I hope the poor cat will be OK!! I will say a prayer tonight for your friend and her cat.
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Sounds like one place not knowing what the other does - at the expense of this poor creature!!! May God heal him quickly!
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Kitty is home and we are much poorer
The result - apparently very successful surgery reattaching his pelvis on both sides and other things - but the pelvis was the biggie.
Apparently no nerve damage and full recovery expected.
Currently, he is a real mess. He has absolutely no clue as to how to use his back end at all - no control. I'm supposed to exercise his legs many times per day, and assist him in walking by holding his hind end up with a towel (though he is not stable enough for that yet) and if all goes well he should be sort of walking in two weeks. He has lost weight, lost most of his hair (shaved) and is a real mess.
But, he is glad to be home and we are glad he's still with us.
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I'm so glad he's home now and everything went well with the surgery.

I'll light a candle for quick recovery for you guys too.
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Very happy to hear that this baby is home and on the way to recovery. Cats are so resiliant; bless their hearts. I'm sure he'll be on his way to a speedy recovery.

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If that were My cat I tell you, everyone on this board would hear me screaming at the first vet. I would be LIVID if someone told me that and then I ended up taking my cat BACK to the original place I started from! Poor kitty, I can't even imagine the pain that cat dealt with! I'm glad you were there to help and I am glad the cat is doing better!
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That this valiant kitty lost his life. His leg started to swell and she rushed him to her vet and they found he had a hole in his urethra and the urine was leaking inside burning him and causing the swelling. The family voted to put him on life support hoping they could stop the swelling, but it was to late. Kitty fought the good fight and gave up early this morning. He was taken off support and allowed to gently slip away from the world. Thank you for your prayers and positive vibes you were sending out on kitty's behalf.
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I'm so sorry to hear that
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Hissy - I too am very sorry to hear that news.
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I'm so terribly sorry.

I hope you report the vet - and maybe sue. If that cat had received proper care he'd be alive today, I'm sure.
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Hissy, I'm terribly sad to hear of this news He put up quite a battle.

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