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I made a passing comment on another post about having a Kitty Revenge For Hire business that amussed Donna. Her email to me got me to thinking.

Is there a company or organization out there that fights for and AVIDLY pursues criminal prosecution for animal cruelty?

I'd love to open one. I'd call it:

KITTY JUSTICE: An eye for an eye

I mean, why not have an organization that avidly pursues legal means for prosecuing and holding liable those who do harm to kitties (Or any animal for that matter)?

Of course, I'm not sure I'd have the stomach for it. I'd be in hysterics hearing about cat abuse. I'd probably have a coronary or something.

I do believe that what goes around comes around, like in Dunkin's case (Hissy, I want to see a pic!). But, let me catch someone hurting a cat and let me return an equal wrath upon the person who did it. I mean, certainly, it's illegal and I'm just wondering aloud here, so don't take me seriously, but I have read stories where someone will set a cat on fire for fun. Well, in this fictional business, we would find this person and set them afire for a minute to see how he likes it. Thats what I call justice! OK, OK, I know thats totally rediculous to do and two wrongs don't make a right, but IS THERE such a business that will pursue legal justice for such cases?
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You could be a force to be reckoned with! But the problem is the laws of the land are to lenient at the moment for animal abusers. After all, animals can't vote, so politicians are not concerned with their rights. The first step is to change those laws, then the agency could be set up- otherwise you would just be a vigilante and you don't strike me as someone who would purposely break the law.

There is a picture of Dunkin on the board already. Scroll down to my post at the bottom "here is Dunkin"
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I went to that link and it said there was no pic or it had been removed. And your right, I couldn't (majorly) break the law. I mean, aside from some occasional social catnip I live a pretty legal life. Oh, but if I could do as I pleased to animal abusers. Personally, I think it should be a death sentence, but thats just me. Gosh, I have such a big soft heart for the lil' furballs!
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Hey Hissy,

I also tried to find Dunkin and was told the same thing. Would really love to see him!
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Me too....as I said in another thread, I couldn't see the picture of Dunkin, it said it had been removed.

And Meowman....I love your idea of setting the guy on fire for awhile to see how he liked it....an eye for an eye is a great way to settle things....and hey, they even used it in the bible, so I'm sure God would not be offended! You know he hates the abuse as much as we do....I would not make a good God, I guess...LOL, cause everytime I looked down to earth and saw someone abusing and torturing an animal like that....instant thunderbolt!!!!!!!!!!
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