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irresponsible breeding..irresistible kitten..

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I feel as though I am always asking for advice here, not giving any, but do get a nice supportive feeling from all I hear and read through on these boards.

I have a dilemma.

A friend (an acquaintance of a good friend actually) has not spayed her mamacat (this is the cat's name) and she produces litters at least every Spring that I know of...Though those that read through my posts may realize that I have been faced more with the problems of dog rescue, byb issues, rescues and rehoming with canines, I think there are many of the same issues.

I am now one of those reformed cat people whom have realized that you can love a feline just as much but go about it in a different way.
Cats simply just command respect in a whole other dimension than dogs.

I have grown to love Lovey as I would any dog I have owned. He is my family.
This is VERY surprising to me and everyone I know.
(I was the typical cat indifferent person before..now I am a blithering idiot about my cat's needs and well-being)

ANYWAY! This "friend" has told me today that she has reserved a kitten (without me asking) of this litter as I have "proven" myself to be such a cat lover.. I am one to speak blunt and asked her "Isn't that just a bit of crap and an easy way of getting rid of a kitten?"..(I don't know if its difficult to "get rid of" kittens when your resident cat has them...but I do know that she has homed kittens who are 20 weeks old and has put repeated ads in the paper, which I don't condone)...It doesn't seem that easy to me..and I don't understand why you would do it (other than the fact that she is a "liberal" woman who thinks most things are un-natural--I live in a leftist "hippie" area if I can say that)..

Sorry..but should I take this kitten..It was a bad idea, but I did go see them. I fell in love..Would I just be condoning her behaviour or saving a kitten?
I am no naive pet owner..But this seriously beautiful 3 week old scamp has caught my heart...

Tell me to say no..Please...?
(the whole other dilemma is Lovey's reaction...If he balked for too long, I would have no problem in taking the cat back)

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Sorry, but I would take the kitten if it were me. Once you have one of her kittens, you have an "in" to try and educate her about the importance of spaying. I feel sorry for her female kitty, she has to be pretty tired about now-

You can go to this link to find assistance to help her-

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Well, the cat is already here, and 2 cats together could have lots of fun. Have it tested for Felv/FIV though, as her cat is going out and who knows what disease it could carry.
As for the woman, why doesn't she spay her cat? Maybe you could provide her with some information regarding the benefits of spaying.
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Wow. this is the fastest board ever..

Thanks you guys...this is why I come here.

To be honest, I am surprised by the answers (delighted in an evilly selfish way but surprised nonetheless).

The problem is how guilty I will feel if it goes so against my principles.
Its the main reason I don't go into Pet stores that are unscrupulous.

I will either be the crazy lady who gets into an argument or walk out ill with myself for not being able to take all of them home and then board the place up.

It may be a little righteous but I think people so far on the other side won't listen..
It may just re-affirm that its ok (IE, If I am the one who considers her opinion, lets her voice it--while gritting my teeth, and then calmly--which is hard, offers her reasons why this is unethical, and she doesn't understand still...and allows mamacat to breed next year and next year..--yes, can you imagine?
Give her a break already! Though mamacat really is the sweetest MAMAcat..--her other girls are spayed..Mamacat loves to be maternal, she says..and she is right. The cat deserves the name in every respect..

However, I don't think of that as much as all the kittens who are simply given away and crowd the shelters ....I don't know how it is where you live..But I looked into it recently and here, there are phenomenal numbers for putting cats down.
And personally, I think this is the most humane way of dealing with them..
There is a bylaw in my city that NO cat is to be outside. Neighbours can actually set traps for your cats and take them to the humane society where you will receive a hefty fine...(that is if your cat makes it there)

Hydroaxe I know lives in the same city so may know more about this..But the numbers of people allowing indiscrimate breeding, the feral problem, and the stupid people who advertise FREE kittens (at garage sales even!) is overwhelming..

So, I am so sorry about the rant, but am just so mad at this woman as she is pigheaded... I want this kitten as she is a little love...But I don't want there to be a little love next year. I should kidnap Mamacat ...
But obviously that isn't an option. Its how I feel but can't do it..

I will have to think it over...

Again, so sorry about the rant..Its an issue close to my heart and I have never experienced it with a cat before...

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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
I should kidnap Mamacat ...
But obviously that isn't an option. Its how I feel but can't do it..

I will have to think it over...
There is this person I know who, in the past, has been known to kittynap certain unaltered felines who happen to chance by her yard. The aforementioned certain kitties are taken to a vet where they are sexually altered and when recovered, they make a miraculous reappearance in their owner's yard.

If you ask me, there is nothing to think about. As Nike says, "Just Do It"
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I also know of a person who has catnapped cats had them spayed and neutered and found them new homes. The lady 2 doors down from me still does not know what happened to Echo, his brother, sister, mother and Cali. Cali is the only one I have and she certainly is not giving up her house cat lifestyle, she won't even go near the front door if it is open.
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Loveysmummy: What an incredibly frustrating situation! As for the kitten, I think you should take her if you love her--after all, if you don't take her, someone unknown *will*.

As for this woman...ugh. I think you have to give it one more shot with her. Once you have the kitten, sit down with her (if you think you can stay calm), or write her a really polite but firm letter.

Start by saying that you think Mamacat is wonderful, and that you're thrilled with your new kitten. Remind her of about how many litters Mamacat has had, and tell her that she must be exhausted. Make it personal: "I can't imagine what it would do to my body to have multiple children every year!"

Then talk about the kittens: "Even though Mamacat is a great mother, can you really guarantee that *everyone* who takes her kittens will be good to them?" Tell her about how people who answer newspaper ads for kittens may do so to use them for testing or just to be cruel (have a newspaper article or some other source to back you up).

Be armed with information about spaying--a good vet you can recommend, how much the procedure is and what the recovery is like, plus info on low-cost spay options nearby.

I'm not sure if you're in a position for this, but: Could *you* offer to have Mamacat spayed? To pay for it, take her to the vet, and care for her while she recovers? This may not be the case since her other cats are spayed, but maybe she's just too lazy to want to take care of Mamacat herself.

Good luck. In the end, you may just have to wash your hands of this woman.
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The way I see it, if you want a second cat, and go to a shelter to adopt one, this cat/kitten could be from a person just as irresponcible as this woman. The kitten is already here and needs a home. There is no reason the kitten should suffer because the woman is irresponcible. It's not kitten's fault. Look at it as saving a kitten, not promoting irresponcible behavior of this woman.
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I'm still kicking myself for not taking my bestfriend's cat and having her spayed. The kitten, yes kitten, got pregnant on her first heat and "ran away." I hate to think about what has happened to her. I'd offer to pay for the spay and follow the advice DanceMuse gave. The unrealistic part of me says to steal the cat and have her spayed.
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I can understand how you are feeling but I would have to say that you should take the kitten. I reget that I didn't get jessie a playmate for 17 years. Now, I am going to get two kitties hopefully soon.
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Get the kitten... all the others gave great advice
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It may not be the 'right' thing to do, but I would also take the cat and spay her myself. I know it isn't really your responsibility but, I dunno, it just irritates me when people are so stupid and think they are being nice by letting the momma cat have babies.

The cat wouldn't even know the difference if she was spayed and couldn't have babies anymore. Cats don't think that way. Point that out to the lady too. Also point out to her that they momma cat can pick up all kinds of diseases going out and getting pregnant constantly. That is just unhealthy and irresponsible. You could try to talk to her too.
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Thanks so much for the advice guys...Will be seeing her this weekend armed with info. from here and will see what happens...
She is soooo beautiful. Well, they all are..The kitten, not the woman..

I am sure you will soon find out what happened.

Thanks so much again.
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