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Cat in the basket!

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Sorry, I couldn't resist!! She's too lovely!!
I just HAD TO post her and show her to your cat-loving eyes!!!

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OOOOPS... here she is!!

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What a cute little kitty!!!!
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she's a beauty!
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What in the world is she staring at? To cute!
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Oh shes just gorgeous!! She looks real cuddley!!
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more! more!

I want to see more pics!
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Oh, my, what a lovely kitty! How did I miss this?
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What was she staring at? Here's the key to this mistery...

Francis had just sprung out of the bookshelf and Violetta was outraged!
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Ha ha ha ha!!! That is soooo funny!! just the look on her face!! like "hey where did you come from!!! you're ruining my photo shoot"!!! ha ha ha ha....they're just gorgeous!!
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I am dying laughing here.....that is ADORABLE!!
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You have such beautiful kitties! They so soft and so much character in their faces.
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Violetta is really funny - I guess all Exotics are!

Since you seemed to like her, here's another pic

Unfortunately it's hard to see black cats' faces!
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My Onyx is an all-black kitty too, and has such an expressive face. I find when I take pics of him, I have the same problem, all you can see are his eyes I take his pics into Microsoft Photo editor and lighten them a bit, so you can see his face better.
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But I love that about our Blackie - that when he closes his eyes at night, he's practically invisible!

How do you keep Violetta's eye so clean? Hubby had silver persians when we met, and their eyes were always a bit gooey.

Is her fur trimmed or is she as bushy as that?

She's so sweet.
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Hmmmm, are you sure thats not a "Beanie Baby"?!!!!! Sooooo snuggley!!!
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Violetta's fur is not trimmed, is exactly like that. Sometimes I think she's no cat, but half bear half gorilla...
I think Exotics are one of the best creation that breeders could ever do!! Their fur is unbelievable. And she loves to lay around my neck like a fur collar. If Crudelia DeVil would touch one, she'd want to make herself a furcoat straightaway!

As for her eyes... they're not always so clean, unfortunately! She's prone to conjunctivitis. But now that I know it, as soon as I see that her eyes are too wet, I clean them and put eyedrops. Then I understand that it's time to dust the house!
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