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Beryl - I made some coasters as well and I loved them that I made more and gave them to friends and family for christmas! They are SO easy!
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Originally Posted by berylayn
The coasters are so much easier than I thought they would be to make. My mom actually wants to try making some with me and see how they sell on ebay. It's worth a try maybe? I'll see what I can do about getting you a courtesy set before they go on sale.
Sounds good. Or you can just come over and we can make them together!
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Love those coasters. How do you make them? They look like lots of fun.
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Originally Posted by peachytoday
Love those coasters. How do you make them? They look like lots of fun.
I bought tumbled tiles from the local "Lowes" home improvement store
The ink pad I used was a "Staz On" ink pad

Basically you find a stamp you like, experiment with differnt designs on paper first using a regular ink pad, then once you get the design you want you use the "Staz On" pad to stamp it on the tile.

After the image is dry, you can use crafting chalks to color in the image.

After that all you have to do is seal it. I can't remember the name of the sealer I used...I'll have to find out and get back to you on that.

That's basically it. Oh and I bought little cork rounds for the bottom of the tiles too!

That's it!
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Those coasters are great!!!

You are correct. Scrapbooking doesn't have to be expensive, but it always ends up being that way (at least for me) LOL
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Thanks to TCS I was inspired to FINALLY start my kitty scrapbook. I am actually glad I waited this long because if I had started back in December when I got the book I would've only been able to include Ebony. Now I can make it for both of my girls. I took pics of my first to pages to share. Hopefully as I go along I can get into some fancier designs. I plan to make a trip to Michaels sometime this week to get more accents!

Page 1:

Page 2:
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Looking good so far Beryl!
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Love it. Ebony sure was a cute kitten. Great shots of Ebony at the dinner table. I really like those cat accents on the first page too.
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Aw my gosh!
i think i have to start!!!
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Looks great, Beryl!!
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I just love seeing everyone's projects!!

I love to scrapbook when I have the time. I'm fairly new to it...I did a book of our wedding that I gave to my in-laws for Christmas. Now I'm working on one for my parents, but I can'tget Mom of the dime to get her pictures picked out. the interim I've started a pets book. It'll include my dear departed Hunny Bunny, my bird Cracker (who's recently passed as well), and my three cats.

I've got stuff from a bunch of different places...Creative Memories, Michaels, Hobby Lobby. My favorite store is Archiver's, though! (It's a scrapbooking store...they're pretty much just in the midwest now.) They have the best stuff! (And they have a scrapbooking room where you can go and use their tools.)
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Here is the last page for my RB baby, Toby. I usually end my pet scrapbooks with a sad note, but thought I would do his a little different. I would love to see pet pages some of the rest of you have done

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That is a lovely page. What a great way to remember Toby. I would love to see what others have done. I could also post more of mine.
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Yes, do!
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i love to scrapbook, and i've really gotte into card making...i love paper crafts! i've made wedding invitations for several people as well, but art is my life...i do custom painting, and custom stitchery as well
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I could look at everyone's pages all day! they are all so unique and pretty. Keep posting!

I just finished another page today. This was my holiday page. The lighting was kinda bad where I took the picture, but you can get the general idea:

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Lookin' good, Beryl
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