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Spammer gets nine years

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And cat abusers get slapped on the wrist?
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That is ridiculous! They did not harm anyone or steal anything. That is like going to prison for being annoying. If that were possible, half the world would be doing time!
Murderers, child molesters, and armed robbers get less time in NC!
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I think I'm in the minority here but I think it's great he got put away. Next it's those damn telemarketers!!!!
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Well, I think that's insane. Sure its a annoying, horrible thing to do, but COME ON! I think perhaps 1 year or many a huge fee would have done it.

Next to all the other crimes we have, this is downright insane.
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Nine years seems ok and is I believe a sufficient deterent. I think with the amount of spam he sent he most probably wasted more than 9 years of people's time, considering that spam wastes about 1.2 billion hours of worker's time per year in the US alone resulting in more than $20 billion I think. If one's complaint is about the jail time for theft or robbery in comparison, the focus should be on increasing jail time for those activities rather than reducing the time for spam.
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Good point!
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im glad they are finally doing something about people who send spam do people. i agree with bumpy we should increase are jail time for the others not reduce theirs because other more important (for lack of better word) crims get less of a sentence. and when you think of all the money people spent on trying to stop receiving spam. i just wish they would stop the pop ups that is where i hope people go next.
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