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my tiggy has gone missing

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my big tabby boy tiggy goes toddling off for a few hours every now and again, hes got a little chum down the road who he plays with (god they are like kids!!) but i have seen nothing of him in almost 24 hours. getting really worried as we have a huge field to the back of our garden and the big ole tractor has been about. im going to make some posters up tonight and put them around just in case. hes normally a real lap cat, hence im really worried. there was a spait of cats and dogs going missing a while back and fearing the worst. hes my sons cat really, he named him. Thomas is only 5 and adores him. tiggy is around 2yrs old and a huge animal.
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OMG, I will pray that you find him soon.
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www.lost-pets.org has information as well as other links that will help guide your way in this
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Any news on Tiggy? Is he neutered? If not, could he have gone off in search of a lady-friend - it is that time of year I think.

I hope you find him soon.

If he's not back by the morning - try calling the local vets and asking the neighbours.
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Oh I hope Tiggy comes home soon! I will keep him in my thoughts!
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hi, many thanks for your thoughts. he is neutered but very friendly, he knows all the kids round here because of my two children. im getting hubbie to drive up to the local cat rescue place tomorrow and will be putting out my posters. its so unusual for him. i have also had a thought... we get a lot of foxes round here so getting real paniky. hes usualy fist in line for bikkies and a tin of tuna but that hasnt even worked. normally if he hears the clatter hes in
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Could you put the biscuits and tuna outside during the daytime and try to lure him home? I remember when we first moved here, I put some old cheese that I broke up with some bread outside for the birds. That night a red fox was eating the cheese on my patio!

I hope Tiggy finds his way home soon!
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unfortunatly we have a feral cat round here, who is quite a nasty character. hes a lovely looking boy but really goes for you. he sneeks in the house to eat the cat food when my windows or doors are open. so i wouldnt hold much hope with putting food out side. i have rung the rescue places in the area......nothing.......been asking around.........nothing. hes such a lovely cat its heart breaking. hubbie got sent into the field with a torch last night but no good. i walk into the kitchen and automatically look at the top of the fridge to say hello to him, one of his perches! but he aint there.
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Please come home, Tiggy!
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you took the words right out of my mouth. i so hope i find my baby boy. i feel like a right mule cos i only have baby pics of him, and put of taking some until the weather got better and he would be in garden playing with the girls
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Oh I was so hoping to log on today and find that Tiggy had been found. Still sending lots of positive vibes for you that Tiggy is found soon
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Don't give up hope! Our Moo cat (Mooie) was missing for five weeks, leaving before a snowstorm hit, followed by continued cold weather, and more snow. I missed his beautiful Cleopatra eyes (lol!), bright emerald green outlined in black, and was ready to admit that we would never see him again. Then one late afternoon we see him waiting by the patio door as if nothing had happened! It was really mind boggling. I had to do a double take to make sure it was really him! And I can honestly say that I forgot he had so much black on his back and sides, good camouflage for hiding in the woods.

Now, Mooie won't leave the porch.

Tiggy, please come home soon!
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