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Cat Hair Nightmare

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Hi we have three young cats that are just starting to molt because of the warmer weather. Although we brush them everyday their hair gets everywhere. Even when our clothes come out of the washing machine they are still covered in hairs. Does anyone have any advice that can help get the cat hairs out of clothes permanently?

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I don't know but you can rub the dryer sheets on furniture/bedding and it picks up the hair!!
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there is a sticky stick that sell in market...
i think it helps.
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We use lint rolls - because with eight cats there is no shortage on cat fur!
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Frodo and Sam are both pure white and they have covered just about everything we own in their fur! I think at times it's gotten so bad as to have cat hair tumbleweeds in the house, yuck. One thing that we do, though I don't know if you'd want to do this--we don't let them in the bedroom. It's the one room that isn't covered. So at least our clothes start out fairly hairless!
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Wow, my three cats are very long haired persian's and I don't have quite that much trouble with hair! I guess I'm really lucky. I'm not saying I don't get any hair around the house. Of course, I vacuum every day, brush them etc. Really that's about all you can do. One thing I do is when I get up in the morning I pull my bed spread up over my pillows right away so the cats don't lay on my sheets while I'm at work. I also bathe my persians every 1-2 months and that helps TONS! Amazing!
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I have 4 black cats - the only pants I wear to work are black.... Maybe someone will see the few hairs and thinL cashmere..... Ok, probably not... they will think "Crazy cat lady!.... Oh wait, doesn't she have almost a dozen birds?... Hmmmm..... that crazy lady!! ")
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My cats are shedding up a storm right now, probably due to the warmer weather... And light grey hair is quite noticeable on black clothing. I use a sticky tape roller. You can buy them at the drug store for under 5 bucks. And they work wonders!
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Originally Posted by vespacat
My cats are shedding up a storm right now, probably due to the warmer weather... And light grey hair is quite noticeable on black clothing. I use a sticky tape roller. You can buy them at the drug store for under 5 bucks. And they work wonders!
Black clothing? What's that? I gave up on wearing it so long ago I forgot black clothing existed!

Another thing that works is simply household masking tape (or duct tape).
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u
Another thing that works is simply household masking tape.
That's what I've used for a long time now too - the wide rolls of masking tape are great. Just pull some from the roll, and instead of tearing it off, wrap it back around the roll of tape again with the sticky side out. Voila! Cheap lint roller.

I recently saw a 'household hints' show on TV that mentions you can use a rubber dishwashing glove to remove hair - just put it on your hand, and stroke your hand along the hair-covered surface, and the hair will form easy-to-remove clumps. It's supposed to be good for clothing, furniture, and rugs too.
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In 'the cat's little instruction book' it says:

Never trust a human who doesn't have cat fur on their clothes. Either they don't like cats, or they don't hug the ones they have.

So I'd not worry about it personally. But then I'm known not to care too much if I go to work looking more hairy than my pets (I have hairs from the cats, the guinea pigs and the pony on me, all the time, but worse now they're all shedding!).

But if you must remove the hairs, I would agree that a lint remover is the best thing.

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When I was at the Chicago Flower show last month there was a vendor selling a 3 piece roller set that was able to pick up pet hair and then rinse in water. I friend of mine watched the infomercial and thought it would work well however one had to purchase all three. Plus I don't really want hair going down my drains and causing another problem. But it gets me to thinking- a sponge-rung out so its just damp and use that and then pull hair off and throw away???????????
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I can't answer your specific question, but I do have a similar suggestion. What I tend to do since the cats love to curl up in my clothes drawers is to fold shirts when they are inside out. There's still cat hair on them, but at least it's on the inside and you can't see it when you're actually wearing the clothes. It's the only way I can figure out to look semi-presentable, lol.
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I use lint rolls too. I can get 3 for only 99p and they last some time. My lovely cream bedspread is nearly always covered in black hair!

I bought a white t shirt yesterday and left it out folded up on my bed of course, I went to put it away and someone had decided to sit on it and leave all their molted fur everywhere! lol. The lint roller came in handy.

I also find cat hair on the curtains - someone likes to play behind the curtains etc - there is a brush attachment on my hoover (dyson) that I use to pick these up - it seems to work really well atm. I also run the hoover over Guin's bed every few days as a majority of hair is always left in there as well
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I have 3 shedding cats and one shedding dog (the dog is the worst if you can believe that) and my house is quite hair too. A lot of people mentioned the sticky rolls and those are ok but personally, I'm all for the old fashioned lint brushes. I used the same one for years but it finally gave out. I have found they are hard to find these days....have been replaced by the sticky rolls. I think the lint brushes wor much better than anything...I've tried the rubber gloves, the spongy thing, tape, sticky rolls. The lint brush grabs it so much better. After it's full you just roll the hair off or brush in the opposite direction. After looking at several stores, I finally found them at Walgreens. I bought one for the house and one for the purse. I think I may get more though as we really have the hair going here. They are meant for clothes but they work great on other things too.
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