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Rigel- indulge us

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Rigel, I love the pictures of Milky on your signature, but I am sad to say I do not know much about your furbaby. Could you please indulge me and any other TCS members that would like to learn about your kitty?
Thank you
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Yes, inquiring minds would like to know Gorgeous cat!!
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Yes Rigel, we would love to know more about our nephew Milky. When and how did you get him for example?
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OMG! Amy what a wonderful question to me! I´m touched!!!! well what I say about my little king ..

to firts I have here on TCS a little page about his little bio:

But also I can tell you to everyone to want to know him, he´s very affectionable of course he obey more to his mommie (Gema) than me ´cause you know I go out to work and Gema stay at home with him! they make it a big relationship! ...(sometimes I´m a quite jelousy of him! Just kidding!.. I love him so much like her too )

He likes to play balls and try to cliff all trees of our back yard!!! and sometimes we have to keep an eye of him!!!

He love spend the early morning on the garden but also the afternoons like to watch the birds that came to our home to drink water, we have a 2 little fountains to the birds!

And this is the main photo of him, one day Gema go to shopping and he saw her departure and he stay long time in the infront door!!!!
She told me that sometimes when I Go to work he make the same history, He really miss us!!!!!

Thank you Amy you´re great hope you like the pics!!!!!
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Thank you so much Rigel. I finally get my Milky fix!!! Those pictures are great, especially of the one of him looking out for Gema! I can see why you call him your little king- he is absolutely beautiful!!!
Mil gracias!
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Thank you, Rigel! Milkie is so beautiful! He's so sweet waiting at the door for Gema to return!
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Thanks Rigel, he really is a gorgeous cat. How about posting some pictures in the fur pictures.
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Awwwwwwwwww thank you so much from the bottom of My Heart dear friends!!!!

I don´t know if you can see in the second pic his tag, It say: the word JESUS and around a fish of the church and write "Milky"....

One of the reason so why I cannot post in furpictures lately is because I just only have photobucket and they said me that my album is full, there`s exist another public and free places like this last one on internet?????
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Yay!!! Thanks for the Milky fix Rigel. I think Milky and Lilly could be long lost brothers and sisters.
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