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My cat is loosing neck hair! Obsessive itching?

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hello! I have been on this site almost every day since I adopted my 2 cats almost 2 months ago. At first they were both sick with bad colds... and then I got them neutered so they were constantly fighting with each other. Now they are calm, and love each other. Thanks for all the great advice I've been reading!

BUT NOW I don't know what to do! I love my cats, I love cats in general, but I am so helpless when it comes to behavioral things.

My one cat, norman, is either a.) scratching his neck or b.) licking it because he's going bald! It first started as a little patch, now it's spreading around his neck. on the top part of his neck, it's only thinning... while his under chin/neck area is almost completely bare.

I'm watching him right now, he's itching his neck. He's also an obsessive cleaner, so I can't be sure which one it is! Probably both. I also know that Mr. Tibbs likes to clean norman at night. so,... it could be Mr. Tibbs doing it to norman? But anyway... as I look at Normans neck, it has a few little nibble marks on his neck, which are scabs. So maybe he's itching the scabs... they probably itch him.

ANY suggestions? I called my vet, he said use some tobassco sauce under there, but not directly on the little nibble marks... well unfortnately, that irritated the scabs anyway, as he has been scratching like crazy since I put it on.

Maybe he's alergic to something? Ugh. I don't know, help!!

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Ok a couple of questions. Have you put a flea collar on your cats recently?

Did you bathe them with some type of flea shampoo?

Did you treat them with an over-the-counter flea treatment?

Or did you not flea treat them at all?
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Oh dear ... tabasco sauce??? Please don't use this on your cat's skin. Can you try to get a wet washcloth (water on it only!!) and get it off of him? That poor little boy! I would love to have a word with your vet right now.

Do you treat for fleas? It could be that your little one has fleas and they are biting him which of course, would cause him to scratch and when Kitty scratches repeatedly, fur loss can and often will happen.
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I have not treated for fleas yet. Although... the little red bumps maybe be flea bites!!! Sheesh, I should have thought of that! I do know what fleas look like, and I do know I haven't seen flea poop in his fur. ... but it might be a good idea to treat him for it anyway. Poor thing... colar or flea stuff in that little plastic device that breaks open... and you rub it down their spine... which do you find works best?

When I noticed he was itching the tabasco sauce area, I instantly cleaned it off... I don't know why I listened to that, that was stupid. I held a wet cloth on his neck for a few minutes, lightly rubbing it off. So he's clean again... but apparently he doesn't think he's clean... he's still licking.

Do flea colars really work? which do you think is best? I might as well give it a try!
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I don't like Flea Collars ... I use the spot on treatments like Frontline and Advantage.
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ok great, I'll go get some. But to be honest, I don't see any indications of fleas... in particular, little black specs of flea stuff. But maybe I should do it anyway. My mom use to give our old cat Hubert half a tablet of baby benedril in the grape chew tablets, when he would have fleas. Maybe I should try that too.
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Hrmmm ... yeah ... about the Benadryl - I wouldn't give it to him. Unless you talk directly to your vet about dosage and frequency, it is never a good idea to give a cat medications designed for humans.
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I'm not so sure I should be asking my vet any more questions about my cat... as it is, he suggested using tabasco sauce on his fur! My mom has been giving our cat of 16 years benadryl when he itches a ton. She got the idea initially from a vet, and he suggested a half tablet. Just to clear the air on that.

I just feel bad for my cat, his neck is pink and itchy. Poor thing. I'll figure someting out, thanks for the advice.
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