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Radio question of the day: 04/08/05

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WOW. This one kind of fit us.......

Your going down the busy freeway and see a puppy in the middle of traffic, running and scared. Would you try to help?
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oh yes definately, of course i would i wouldnt care how busy it was aswell, i'd be straight in there
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You'd better believe it. Done it before as a matter of fact (when I was in school in Athens). If it were to happen today, I'd take the pup straight to my boyfriend's mother's house since she works with an animal rescue group
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Absolutely YES!
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Absolutely! Without a moment's hesitation!
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Yes. I'd pull off ASAP, get the puppy, and take him home with me. Try to find the owner in a way that if the person seemed unfit, I'd keep the puppy.
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In a heart beat. It breaks me heart to see scared animals. I'd take it home with me and look for an owner, if one couldn't be found depending upon the size I'd either find a rescue group of keep it. I live in an apartment so a large dog would be out of the question to keep no matter how much I may want one.
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Oh I'd be there in a flash.

we've been known to herd sheep off the busy road near to where we live and drop them back at the farm.
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Yes, definitly!

We live in a semi-rural area and sometimes the horses break loose from their fences so we take them back up to their farm!
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Been there...done that.
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I've done that. The dogs usually run when I start to come for them. One time I stopped in the middle of a road (not a highway mind you) but busy, and made people stop while I picked up a snapping turtle and put him across the road. Some jerk was honking and I yelled at him to chill.
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My Nana has stopped on a motorway as well for a baby pig - actually she sent her son and daughter[my Dad & Aunty] out to collect it.
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Of course! I don't think any of us would say no!
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Yes I can't tell you how many times I've gotten myself in these situations.One time Eric and I were going to the movies and this dog was running down the street so we picked her up(a pitbull) put her in the car and drove around for an hour "looking for someone who was looking for a dog" we finally took her to the police station.Then one day I saw a small dog barreling down the road so I stopped and a friend saw my car and pulled over to help...we finally found the owner.Then a couple weeks ago there was a dog running loose in my moms neighboorhood so I caught it and called it owner. then the other morning Eric woke me up to tell me there was a dog running loose in our develpment so I got up got dressed and went out to look for him but he ran away.Im so sick of people losing their dogs!
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