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Person arrested for paying with $2 notes!!

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When Urban Legends (http://www.snopes.com/humor/business/tacobell.htm) become reality. A person was buying a new radio-CD player for his 17-year-old son's car and was arrested for using $2 notes to pay for the installation in a Best Buy store at Baltimore.

"Bolesta was then taken to the county police lockup in Cockeysville, where he sat handcuffed to a pole and in leg irons while the Secret Service was called in."

After the misunderstanding was cleared up when the Secret Service arrived, this incredible statement was made by Baltimore County police, spokesman Bill Toohey, "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world."

Why does everyone seem to use 9/11 to explain every action? Either that or I must have missed an important piece of news regarding Al Qaeda's new recruitment tactic of buying CD players for teenagers in US.
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9-11 fears? Yeah, right, the bad guys are counterfeiting $2 bills. I thought $20s were the bills of choice.

Actually it was ignorance - by the cashier (no doubt under 21 years and IQ to match) and other personnel about $2 bills. Hey, legal tender is legal tender.

BTW- What about the Best Buy folks who said no charge for installation because of their mistake about the first player the guy bought?

I carry one in my purse. Haven't had to spend it yet. Luckily I forget it is there most of the time.
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Remind me not to use the Susan B Anthony dollars in my wallet .....
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what a assine store! :onfile: "post 9/11 world" - obviously, it has NOTHING to do with 9/11 and everything to do with a policy screw-up.. how nice
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Oh, brother!

Reminds me of back when I was a cashier, we had a customer who used to try and get me with the line "is it OK if I pay with Federal Reserve Notes?" Wonder how many people told him "no"!
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When the new 100 dollar bills came out(maybe 10 yrs ago), My husband cashed his paycheck at the bank and he was one of the first to get these in our neighborhood. I went into the local department store(caldor) and when I went to pay for my purchases the cashier said "I can't take this it's fake", she wouldn't take it and I went to customer service and complained. The manager of the store came with me to the cashier and said these are the new 100's and yes this is a real 100 bill. Did she feel like an idiot.
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