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Kitty dry skin?

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Smokey is doing good but now I am concerned about his skin. He had a small spot were there was a scaley type area and I did not think much about it but now it is popping up in other places on his skin. Is he missing sometype of nutrient that his making his skin dry because he is on formula and not mothers milk? Am I not bathing him enough? Am I bathing him to much? (I usually only wash the bottom part of his body when he makes a mess which is at least every other day and I wash his whole body about twice a week with a mild antibacterial soap that was recomended to me from someone else that has raised kittens. Was this advice wrong?) Is it a rash? Should I take him by the vet tonight on my way home from work? sorry, doing the scared mom thing again aren't I.

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ringworm? that's what came to me when i read it

ringworm is highly contagious and dangerous. I'd have the cat taken to a vet.
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Probably better not to wash him with anything other than warm water on a damp washcloth. These lesions bother me though and ringworm comes to mind - it is probably for the best that a vet take a look-see to make certain though.

The kitten formula should have everything he needs in it, so I would highly doubt it was from that unless he is allergic to it somehow.
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Off to the vet we go. I will let you know when I get back next week. (internet at home not work well.) Di.
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Best of luck!
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Well, I took kitty to the vet. he did not like it. Vet said it looked like a fungus and it looked like ringworm. He put it under the blue light but nothing lit up but he gave us medicine for ringworm and a fungal infection SOOO he either has one or the other or both. BUT the vet did not feel his infection was life threatening so we will just give him his meds and hope for the best.

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