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to go or not to go

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Ok here's the deal. I have been invited to go to the National Holocaust Museum Saturday April 9th (This saturday). The trip is free and I would be going with my History 220 class. Our professor has arranged a tour and Q&A peroid with the director of the museum and possibly a chance to speak with Van Pelt, an expert on the Holocaust. We are leaving Morgantown at 8am and leaveing Washington D.C. at about 5.
Limerick has been limping slightly on his front right paw, and I am nervous about leaving him alone all day. And my boyfriend Jon is leaving for is Med Tech rural rotations saturday too. He's going to be gone until Graduation on May 15. He's going to miss Limerick's Birthday Party, the WVU Drumline "End of the Semester" party, and my birthday. And I may have a job and have to work. Although I havn't heard anything either way.
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To be sinceresly I have not Idea of that place, friend... hope if you decide go, have a nice time there!
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You need to go. Everyone needs to go! That isn't the only museum I'd say that about, but really, if you have a chance to go there you should take it (bring tissues). Unless your kitty is very ill (have you been to the vet?), I don't think it will be an issue.
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I'd say go because it's something that people should never forget

If Limerick is really poorly though thats another story
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I've been to this museum, it's excellent (if you can even call that a Holocaust museum! )

Are you jewish? It all depends really, you have to decide for yourself.

For me, the most memorable moment was the gates from Auschwitz i still remember the moment when i saw them to this day (it was at least 10 years ago).
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If it's just for one day, I'd say go for it! I'm sure Limerick would be fine. However, I would completely level with you if you are really worried about him. I stayed home for a night to stay with CJ because I didn't want to leave her, because she is pregnant, so, I would understand if you didn't want to go. However, I think it would be a wonderful learning expirience! It all depends on how you feel!
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It is a unique experience and it can change your life to see it. Go- Limerick will be fine. Put him in a room where he can't get into to much trouble, leave a radio playing softly, give him food, water and litter pans, and go see this historic museum. You will not be sorry.
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I think you should go, too. It'll be a good learning experience and I'm sure Limerick will be fine.
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I feel this will be an extremely valuable experience for you, one you should definitely not miss!
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It is one of those places you never forget. UNless there is a real crisis in your life, go.
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Yes, you should go. I'm so jelous you have the opportunity - your kitty will be fine.
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I think you should go.
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Did you go?!?! How was it!?!!?
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No I didn't go... I was at the hosptial while a friend got an IV. He had way to much to drink. It sucked but I have to be there for my friends
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