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Having trouble feeding my cat treats

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I am so frustrated!

My one cat, Max, seems so sensitive to food. We have tried him on Purina, Iams and now science diet (dry food). Science Diet is the only food that he doesn't throw up. With Purina and Iams he would throw up every time he ate it. This has been ever since he was 4 months old.

We have gotten a stand for his bowls so that they are raised up and he doesn't eat it so fast now.

The big problem I am having is that I can't give him any treats or wet food without him throwing up. We used to give the kitties treats everyday but Max would always throw them up so we went to once a week and that still doesn't help. Now they are always begging for treats and it breaks my heart because I can't give them anything. I tried all different kinds of brands and flavors. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Has anyone had this problem before?
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Have you talked to your vet about food allergies and have you considered trying a "single protein, single carb" food for cats with food allergies? As for treats, have you tried a little bit of sliced cooked deli chicken?
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I wasn't sure if it was safe to feed him "human" food?

So I can try cooked deli chicken? Are there other "human" foods that are safe?

I haven't talked to my vet about it yet. I didn't know that there were special diets. Maybe I should look into that.

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I would suggest boiled (in water) chicken - no spices - that should not be a problem.
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when my mums cat was sick with an upset digestive system she was told to give him plain boiled cod.

Maverick just doesnt like kitty treats so we give her prawns (shrimp), plain boiled or grilled chicekn and plain meat from the sunday roasts and tuna for very special occasions (if she goes to the vet).

tuna is a bit questionable but maybe try the rest?
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These foods are safe, but only in moderation-

cream cheese, just give them small dots on their food
grated cheese
cooked egg yolks
canned pumpkin (uncooked)
cooked yams
mashed and cooked green beans
plain yogurt
cooked and shredded chicken (no spices) or turkey
any deli meats shredded
tuna (again in moderation)
cottage cheese

About his vomiting, perhaps you are feeding him to much? My vet always says feed the cat not the bowl. Keep the water away from the food, so the cat has to leave the food bowl to go and drink water. Are you feeding close to the litter pan? Bad idea-

Get some acidolpholous capsules and start sprinkling the food with the powder- or feed yogurt with active cultures. Check your cat for hydration and if the cat is dehydrated get the cat to the vet immediately. Don't switch foods quickly, do so gradually or vomiting will occur.
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Hissy, on another thread you suggested to me to feed my cat the canned pumpkin to help with hairballs. I just wanted to let you know she absolutely LOVES it! Now she gets a treat of it each night and gobbles it right up. I found out that I can give about 2 tbsp. per day, so that's what she's been getting.
Anyway, thanks for the tip. I had no idea she'd love it so much! My boyfriend's cat, on the other hand.... gobbled it up, then barfed it up on my carpet. :-(
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A friend has a dog that is only able to eat one type of dry food without vomiting. For treats she crushed the dry food, added some water and baked her own treats. This might be an idea to try with your cats.

Also, I've found that my cat thinks her dry food is a treat if I give her a piece or two away from the food bowl and away from her normal feeding times.
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